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it's a love.

You're a bitch. You're a bitch. I'm sick of your shit.
You're a dick. You're a dick. آپ think your words are so slick.
You can't get it right, always gotta be a fight. You're دل is my pinata so syonara.

I just wanna go out tonight. I'm too tired to put up a fight.
I just wanna go out tonight. The best part of fighting is the make-up sex.

Miss Bipolar ultimate controller, manipulator, instigator. Miss Bipolar ultimate controller perpetrator see آپ later.

Left my دل broken and sore. آپ say آپ love me (I love you) then آپ shove me...
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ou're attractive, little witch, you're beautiful (beautiful)
Your wickedness, little witch, it broke my دل (I broke your heart)
Intruding words, little witch, آپ cast a spell (I cast my spell)
Masked destroyer, little witch, my beautiful apocalypse

You've got me bewitched 'cause I'm under your spell, oh-ooh
You must be a witch 'cause I am living in hell, oh-ooh

Now is the time, now is the hour
I am the magic, I am the power, oh
All I need is one سٹار, ستارہ in the sky
Wish for آپ every night

I tricked آپ to fall in love, little boy
I played with آپ till I was done, like a toy
Your دل in love, as I destroy...
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Dahvie:your attractive little withch,your beautiful

Dahvie:your wickedness little witch, it broke my heart

Girl:I broke your heart

Dahvie:enchantng words,little witch,you cast a spell

Girl:i cast my spell

Dahvie:mass destroyer little witch, my beautiful apocalypse

Jayy:you've got me bewitched 'cause i'm under your speel , oh-ooh آپ must be a witch 'cause im living in hell,oh-ooh

Dahvie:now is the time,now is the گھنٹہ i am the magic i am the power,oh all i need is one سٹار, ستارہ in the sky wish for آپ every night...

Girl:i tricked آپ to fall in love,little boy i played with آپ till...
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intro:Take my cuffs off plz dnt be afraid
I only want to decorate the walls with your brains!

Ch:One مزید time!
For the broken hearted
Two مزید times!
For my dearly departed
Three times more!
Cupids comein for you
Gunna Gunna Get You

V1:I look at آپ and what i see
is how much I hate آپ when آپ breathe
A love wreath sits around your neck
It started in love- ended in- DEATH
Chorus intro:Your pretty eyes are in a daze

No expression on your face
No screaming
No freaking
Just آپ pleading
Oh my god
I think shes BLEEDING!
(Repeat Chorus)

V2: آپ got blood on my پسندیدہ shirt
F*C* B*T*H I'll make آپ hurt
Girl u got something that آپ deserved
Your spot in hell just got reserved

I gave آپ my life
So im takein yours
and im gunna F*C* all your دوستوں on tour
Only mistake

(Repeat Chorus)

1-2-3-4 go grab your chainsaw
5-6-7-8 ????
She's melting
She's melting
O! o! o! she licked me like I'm ice cream

Dipper with my dipper
We be drinking up the liquiour
Party like lit's yo birthday
Shake it like an earthquake
Melting like an ice cream cone
Going for his danger zone
Go and suck my lollipopSugar sweet چیری, آلو بالو topped
Fur shure fit
To legit
Hot spot
Twirk it b! tch
Strip it down
Work it up
Baby let me
Fill your cups
O to the m to the geeeee
Sticky messy
Taste my treat
But I love it when you
Scream for my ice cream
Tell me all your dirty dreams
Scream for my ice cream
Well دکھائیں me what's your fantasies
Lets get this party started!
Drink till we get...
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posted by jazz411
Verse One:

Now I’ve been riding across the seven seas
looking for a girl from another fantasy
I got the I patch
tri hat
rollin like a PIRATE!
Freaky deaky
TILL YUH get leaky
like run DMC
pedal to the metal
red eyes like a devil
raise the white flag
can’t reach my level
LIKE arrrrr! arrrrr
flow sick like sars
xxx till I hit your mark!
skin ya!
throw آپ in a blender
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Dahvie: i'm on my knees beggin آپ please don't leave me یا آپ won't be able to breath

Jayy: why don't آپ leave them alone ill burn them until they're only bone your living in hell ding dong thats your death bell

Dahvie: run run run آگ کے, آگ in her eyes killing me killing other guys آپ leave me outside to die آپ think im gonna cry well کتیا, کتيا its your death bell

Jayy:your soul,matches mine we,become entwined firery red eyes killing me and these other guys

Dahvie:unspoken words آپ dying murderers begging me please baby gezz

Jayy: Lying witch Dying کتیا, کتيا follow آپ دل and maybe آپ can go home

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please stop sending fucking hate here. i dunno if آپ cant get the fact that we like them and nothing آپ can say will change that through your thick, empty skull.
this is a blog for blood on the dancefloor fans. not آپ cunts comming here and sending hate.
and if آپ think that saying shit like “theyre untalented, satanic perverts who write songs about sex and tits.”, is going to bother us, then please get your facts straight. if آپ havent noticed, they're new songs are مزید meaningful. sure, they still have sexual songs, but thats what makes botdf botdf. and thats what attracted this fanbase.
if your here to spread hate, please dispose of yourself.
posted by bvbiselmejor
ارے im a new پرستار of BOTDF and ive fallen in love with Dahvie and Jayy, ive heard of alot of things about them good and bad and i dnt believe either of them did anything bad, i am positive theyr great poeple, and Dahvie isnt a pervert i hate that ppl say that, their not faggots, and i havnt found anything thats made me think otherwise. and the haters i really dnt hav anything to say bout them it's too bad they dnt love them like we do cuz they r really missin out, Dahvie and Jayy ignore haterz we should do tht 2 i luv thm and thts all thr is to say, thr awzum ppl and they hav awzum music!
posted by ArIeS_QuEeN
so...first of all u go on their ویڈیوز and cuss at them..i have one question..why the fuck do u go to the YouTube bar and type BOTDF/JAYY VON MONROE/DAHVIE VANITY if u are just gunna cuss at them and say they're EMO FAGGOTS..thats just immature ¬_¬..and stupid!...if u wanna cuss at them...GO TO THEIR TWITTERS AND CUSS AT THEM...don't do it behind their backs ¬_¬ idgaf if u are gunna تبصرہ that i am a bitch...because u cant do anything about it...and dont say that i like BOTDF cuz they talk about.SEX and BLOWJOBS...well NO..this is a فہرست of songs that AREN'T about sex:
1. bewitched...
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posted by jazz411
Blood On the Dance Floor aka. BOTDF are an American Electronic/Rap/Pop band from Orlando, Florida formed in 2006, the current lineup is Dahvie Vanity (vocals/keyboard) and Jayy Von Monroe (vocals/screams). Various people have contributed on the band’s recordings most notably Garrett Ecstasy which used to provide vocals and screams from 2008-2009 until he got into a fight with Vanity before making claims that he had raped an underaged girl, and was ultimately kicked out of the band. Ecstasy now has his own band, Boy Talks Trash.



I've got this gun, to your head
I've got blood, on these hands
I'll be your eternal, never ending
I'll be the end of your beginning
I'm the battle to your every war
I'm the first rip, for everything torn
I've got no room in this heart
Gonna tear آپ apart


Death to your heart
And I'll rip it apart
You've come undone
You're the weakest one
Death to your heart
and I'll rip it apart (Rip it apart)
You've come undone
You're the weakest
The weakest one

[Verse 2]

Infected with deception
Destruction is my, obsession
I'll feed off your sweet suffering...
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posted by Near4ever
Ok, so I was listening to the 'Unforgiven' clip that BOTDF had گیا کیا پوسٹ on their YouTube channnel (amazing) and it has come to my attention that some 'fans' are saying things like 'OMG what happened to all there good music?!' and 'All the rage was terrible, now their doing this crappy album?' I would personally like to say that this album is going to be a hit and that Dahvie and Jayy are changing in a good way. They can't always sing about sex and now their spreading the message of unity and love. Also after listenig to Revenge porn it is apparent that they still our going to some of their old موسیقی genre and everyone should just stop freaking out. If it آپ were a true پرستار آپ wouldn't care about JUST their موسیقی and be happy that they've gotten as far as they did. That is all I have to say and that Evolution is going to be a great album :)
posted by awsomegtax
As آپ all may know, BOTDF has been hanging on strong for about 7-8 years now! It's amazing to see how they evolved and changed so much in their music, It's really hard to believe that they just started with a small group on Myspace (which I remember so well)...Sadly let's fast آگے all the old stuff to the new upcoming album "Bad Blood"...This album is suppose to have that EPIC feel (as many say) but the Band says - "It will will have both old and new BOTDF mixed together". They now have 2 singles released from Bad Blood "I Refuse To Sink (Fuck The Fame)", and there one released March 31st 2013 "Crucified سے طرف کی Your Lies". These are both Free Singles (at the time anyway), I enjoy both of these songs and I hope that آپ all enjoy them to! I have so much faith in them, and I know آپ do to! <3
posted by jazz411
this song that i wrote isn’t your typical song. i wanted to capture what i’m going through in my life. just like any super hero with great powers comes great responsibilities. and being a front man to a very controversial موسیقی group really came with a lot of responsibilities. the power we have over people is incredible but should never be used for evil. this سال has been yet another trial of backlash through rumors and gossip in attempts to destroy this amazing movement. it made me grow sad to know people would try to destroy something that helps others save lives and...
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