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posted by Winxlove
 Bloom & Sky-Sweet Couple
Bloom & Sky-Sweet Couple
This song is of Bloom's and Sky's forbidden love.I decided to post the lyrics of the song "Endlessly".So here we go.

“I don’t know what to do”
“Help me”

I’m here alone
And memories are coming into my mind
Of the story of me and you
When everything felt so right

You’re a charming prince
With آپ I had my first real kiss
I didn’t know what to do
Cause I had to face the truth
Oh, baby
I had all your loving
Why, oh, why did I let آپ go this way?
Don’t آپ know, baby, that

You’re the one
Who always made me feel like I’m a queen?
The one who’s always been there for me
And that’s why...
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 Bloom's Butterflix vs. Fake Butterflix
Bloom's Butterflix vs. Fake Butterflix
When I take a look back to the past (Before Season 7 was released), I had thought of Bloom's Butterflix and her other arts that were either fanmade یا hoaxes. Suddenly, I had stumbled onto one of them when I did a Google Search. Do آپ remember the image? The one image that had Bloom and Flora's 'Butterflix'.

Well, I did a comparison and a contrasting between the two. As آپ can see the two images, آپ can observe similarities of the two with the Official Butterflix and the Hoax Butterflix.

 Look at Bloom's "Butterflix".
Look at Bloom's "Butterflix".

1) Wings: The wings are alike in their shape...
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 Hi, I'm Bloom.
Hi, I'm Bloom.
Note: I don't have any credit for submitting this مضمون to the Bloom Club. Please credit قوس قزح Inc for this مضمون on the Winx Club Site.

Article: link

Dear Fairies, Today we'll discover my world: Domino!

Our journey starts from the Royal Palace magical gardens. Aren't they lovely? We had Daphne and Thoren's wedding ceremony right there...a perfect and super romantic place!

 Domino Royal Palace
Domino Royal Palace

I love my Princess bedroom! On my bedside table, there is a big دل reminding me of Sky together with a precious jewellery box that holds all my secrets.

 Bloom's Bedroom
Bloom's Bedroom

This is the shiny Ball Room! Who can remember what ceremony was held in this hall?

 Domino's Ballroom
Domino's Ballroom

Dear friends, what did آپ like the most of the Domino Royal Palace?

posted by magicenchantix
I've tried to understand you
But آپ are still a mystery
Sometimes I feel آپ close
Sometimes we're miles away

I wish I knew the secret
To reach your دل 'cause lately
You got me feeling so alone

One دن آپ take me up
And the اگلے دن آپ bring me down
Stop playing with my feelings
I'm about to lose my mind

Just put your arms around me
Why can't آپ say آپ love me?
And I can't take this anymore

I've had enough of rainy days
Don't say you're sorry, it's too late
My life has just begun
I'll be okay

That's why I'm walking out the door
Who can love a دل of stone?
It's me, myself and I, I'll be just fine
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posted by magicenchantix
DRAGON آگ کے, آگ LYRICS!!!!

This song was in winx club season 1 while bloom was transforming while fighting the trix and i think it was in the special episode the fate of bloom (first special)
Hope آپ like the lyrics, i personally love it and it could be longer but i see why it isn't but anyways i love the song. What are your opinions on it?

Dragon fire
Can آپ feel the power now?
Your the magic one
Winx forever

Dragon fire
Take a flame and make it grow
Shine آپ light on me
The magic light of winx!
posted by magicenchantix
I was small when i first heard my inner voice
then i followed my destiny, it led me here and
not I'm making the best of my awesome skills
and I'm able to fight dark forces
what do آپ see when آپ look at me?

I am only a girl
trying to save the whole universe
it's my mission
it's a magical life
but sometimes i wish i could live for one day
just like anyone else

I can't tell what tomorrow will bring to me
but I know I'll be here to fight for a better future
you can bring all the magic back in your life
all آپ need to do
is close your eyes
and remember the first time آپ felt alive

i am only a girl
trying to...
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posted by bloomlove
Bloom was born on planet Domino (Sparks on 4Kids)[2] to King Oritel and Queen Marion. Shortly after birth, her planet was attacked سے طرف کی a coven of witches (the Trix's ancestors) who sought to put out the Dragon's Flame[3] from Domino.[2] During this battle, the entire planet was destroyed. In a final sacrificial act to ensure that the Dragon's Flame[3] did not fall into the wrong hands, Bloom's older sister, Daphne, sent her through a portal that led to another planet, Earth.
On Earth, Bloom was found in a burning building سے طرف کی a firefighter named Mike, who rescued and eventually adopted her. Her...
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 Hi, I'm Bloom.
Hi, I'm Bloom.
Hello, Earth. My name is Bloom, and I am a fairy that is part of the Winx Club. I would like to say many things and enjoyments about being part of the Winx Club, and how, the Winx Club and I enjoy your support and commitment.

In our first year, I was just a normal teenager living in Gardenia on Earth. One day, I met my best friend: Stella. That changed my life, and all of آپ had followed along with our adventures.

In our سیکنڈ year, we met Aisha, completed the Winx Club, and earned our Charmix. We also met this cute professor named Professor Avalon, until he was revealed to be actually Darkar's...
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posted by Winxlove
This song is from The Secret of the Lost Kingdom and sung سے طرف کی Natalie Imbruglia.It is dedicated to Bloom.

Promises have meaning once again
And broken dreams are drifting to an end
I feel it like my life has just begun
I’m waking for the first time
Waking for the first time
Waking for the very first time to the sun

I’m getting a feeling that I want to explore
My دل to the ceiling and my feet off the floor
You let in all the magic (magic)
Oh, and it’s even better than before
You open your دل and then آپ open the door
I’m getting all the magic

Desert land is drinking from the sky
Ever since I...
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posted by 2312527
Do آپ want to know which fairy آپ are most like in winx club?Well if the answer is Yes then just follow the instructions and آپ will find it!

1.If your Boyfriend ask آپ out for a تاریخ what will آپ wear?

a)A cool mini-skirt and a سب, سب سے اوپر which is not out of fashion
b)A گاؤن, gown یا a فراک, چغا which looks cute with roses on it
c)The dress آپ just saw a pop-singer wearing
d)A simple dress
e)Somethin sporty!
f)Somethin Blue!

2.If your Mom bought آپ a new make-up set and your exams are coming the گزشتہ دن what will آپ do?

a)Duh I will try on the make-ups what else?Who needs boring exams?
b)No time for make-ups...
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posted by Winxlove
This song is of Bloom searching her sister and her real identity.


Don't know what came over me,
Got all lost in a fantasy
(with آپ and me),
My broken دل is gonna heal,
Can't believe the way I feel.

I'm caught up in your spell
(under your spell),
And there's just no way to tell,
How I'm gonna break free...

Gotta find an answer,
All the places we've been,
That we'll last forever,
I wont stop searching for you,
Till we're together again.
posted by AgyJude
In the fourth season bloom get's her Believix! Wanna know how bloom looks in her Believix costume? Then all آپ have to do is just keep on reading!
From سب, سب سے اوپر to bottom; Bloom's hair has reached knee-length, and she has a ponytail on the back of her head that holds a small amount of her hair tied to a golden دل barrette while گلابی eyeshadow is on her eyelids. She wears a midriff-bearing سب, سب سے اوپر with puffy shoulders that's گلابی on سب, سب سے اوپر with peach-colored sleeves and blue on the bottom. Her wings are the same size as her Enchantix wings, and are lined in blue with a pale blue interior, گلابی heart...
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