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(I fly in to find Bubbles and Buttercup just hovering)
Me:What is going on?
(And Bubbles and Buttercup fly off without saying anything,which is sus)
Blossom thinking:*Brick is my match for a boy-friend! Who cares about science like Dexter Thompson(first love)! Brick can fly like me!! I love him so much now/a crush of him!!:)*
Brick:Hey pinky!! Come down here!!
(Blossom goes)
Brick: I love آپ so much,I want to be your boy-friend. Would آپ love if آپ were my girl-friend?
Blossom: YES!!! Lets go babe!!!
Brick: Lets have fun!!!
(And they fly off,and thats part 3 in this story,started سے طرف کی HyperBlossom37 and continued سے طرف کی WolfGirl259)
To be continued...
posted by hannamee
 the person that made the story
the person that made the story
bc:im so bored theres noithin to do up in here
blossom:i know but its school bc theres nothin آپ can do about it
bubbles:shes right unless we have to transform in to the ppgz
bc:now come to think of it its i love school better than that stupit skrit
miss.kean:hey آپ three stop talking
beep beep beep
blossom and bubbles:teacher
buttercup:yo teach
all girls:we have to help the art teacher clean up
bc:for $10 dollars
blossom and bubbles:buttercup!the girls run out untile miss kean says
miss kaen:ok u can go only if آپ anser this qestion what is 100 x 66 =?
blossom:100 and 993
continue reading...
posted by HyperBlossom37
*belt* BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!
*Blossom* Mrs.Kean I have a sore stomach!
*Bubbles* Mrs.Kean I have a throat ache!
*Buttercup* Yo teach! I have a monkey cold!
*Mrs.K* Oh!Go to the nurse right away!!!
Transformation time!!! *pretty music!*la la la!
*at the park* *RRBZ are trashing the place!!!!*
*Blossom* Stop it Brick!!! I thought WE discussed this last night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*Bubbles and BC* !!!!!????????? what!?!
*Brick whispering* Guys we need to get outta here for blossom and now b4 it gets awkward!!!!!
RRBZ suddenly takes off and Blossom flies away blushing.
*Blossom on the phone* Yes i'll see u 2nite, yes i love آپ too and always! ~TO BE CONTINUED I THIINK!