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posted by lorenluvs
children are being funny but 3 children are hilarious one girl is a جمناسٹ, گیمناسٹ the other is a really cute lil girl and a guy who plays base ball their names are annie, haley, and caleb . they are on a دکھائیں called brataley. they also have a website called bratayley they created. on youtube lil جمناسٹ, گیمناسٹ level 5 annie used to be on seven awsome kids but quite because of all of the timings and she also makes only 2 shows a week and thats a lot of work also because her family دکھائیں so it is lot of work. lil جمناسٹ, گیمناسٹ annie was born 2004 started gymnastics at the age of 2 and has her own channel called...
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