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posted by caesar213
Season 2 of Brickleberry became a major success. The whole thing became very love able with the show's fans, and made them wonder if there will be a third season. The order for season 3 did happen on October 30. Until then, why don't I run down what happened this season.

In the سیکنڈ season of Brickleberry, we've seen Brickleberry Lake become a healing center for people who had either cancer یا a birth defect. This made me thought how could a lake do a magical thing like that. Until we realized that Dr. Kuzinak dumped medical waste in the lake, all 'cause Woody would be a dumbass and sign a...
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I was reading a review about the دکھائیں the other night, and I noticed a lot of negative reviews about the show. They کہا it doesn't دکھائیں a positive message on children. (We know it doesn't because it's for mature audiences.) They talk about the explicit language that's used, how all the animals shoot themselves, and the graphic sex scenes.

Believe me, that's all what we need to keep the دکھائیں going. If آپ wanna read the مضمون for yourself, click link and you'll see what I'm talking about.