Britney and Justin Oops, Justin Timberlake does it again on 'Saturday Night Live'

justbritlove posted on May 11, 2009 at 06:06AM
Justin Timberlake was back on “Saturday Night Live” this weekend, bringing some great surprise guests, favorite old sketches and a digital short to rival “[Bleep] in a Box.”

He even added grist for the gossip mills. He’s said before that he and former girlfriend Britney Spears slept together back when they claimed to be virgins. But oops, he did it again Saturday, subversively admitting the fact in a skit in which he played Irish immigrant Cornelius Timberlake, who predicts the future for his great-great-grandson.

“I’d like to think that at first, he’ll date a popular female singer. Publicly, they’ll claim to be virgins. But privately, he hit it.”

Britney and Justin No جوابات