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 7x10 - Bring On The Night
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So the Character Countdown has ended and here are the results. Throughout the course of it we have seen a couple of shocking exits and some character s got higher than were expected to. Se where your پسندیدہ has landed!

45. Amanda
Amanda was one of the potentials, she was discovered سے طرف کی a spell and was already a resident of Sunnydale, a classmate of Dawn's.

44. Kennedy
Kennedy is another one of our poteial slayers form Season 7, she then became the lover of original scoobie Willow Rosenberg.

43. Parker Abrams
Parker was a student at Sunnydale USC, the local college. He had a one a night stand with...
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 Spike gave Buffy courage and love
Spike gave Buffy courage and love
ارے I know that kept repeating myself about Spike & Buffy's relationship. I have مزید information to prove all the شائقین that Does Buffy Love Spike?..Yes, Buffy Does Love Spike. I got this information on link.

As I read this مضمون سے طرف کی this writer she gave me an inspite about Buffy's feelings for Spike. Like she explained Season 6 & 7 of their relationship. And OMG I agreed with her.


 She chose her champion through love
She chose her champion through love
First off, Buffy was infact using Spike just to feel alive again. After those dreams, of with out control of themselves. Both the slayer and a vampire...
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Dearest fellow Scoobies, Watchers, Spuffies, Bangels, Brileies (we do drop the y? Yes?), Twillows, Wozes, Potentials, demons, half-breeds, kitten gamblers, loan sharks, gentlefolk, humans, students, operatives, Twinlets, minions, cheerleaders, evil masterminds, Big Bads *deep inhale* and Joss (Who is most certainly staking this site). I am writing this with not the foggiest idea of what I wish to say but I feel this uncertain idea must be expressed, so allow me to borrow your screen space for a few moments.

It's now the دن before the دن before Christmas for me, about half an گھنٹہ until 'Christmas...
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I'd like to point out that the following isn't an insult to twilight/its author/its fans.

Even though buffy is my favourite work in the vampire genre i have always loved vampires in general. That is, I'm sure, the reason i get so irked سے طرف کی twilight's non-vampires. They have no fangs and go out in daylight without bursting into flames, therefore they are not vampires. Like i saw someone else had written on here, thats like writing about a mermaid who is never half fish.

Each generations view of something mythological is affected سے طرف کی it's most مقبول story and i swear i think twilight is going to...
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