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 Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Welcome to the Hellmouth
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As a fanartist (yup, I will keep telling myself that) it's beyond annoying when آپ can't get the screencaps آپ need so I am uploaded the ایوارڈز from SCP for use here.
buffy the vampire slayer
screencap paradise
welcome to the hellmouth
episode one
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 Xander season 1
Xander season 1
"Bad thing"? I was naked. "Bad thing" doesn't cover it"

"I laugh in the face of danger, and then I hide until it goes away."

"I don't like vampires. I'm going to take a stand and say they're not good."

"Come on, Slayer, I like it when you're scared. The مزید I scare you, the better آپ smell."

"You know, I don't know what everyone's talking about. That outfit doesn't make آپ look like a hooker"

"You're in love with a vampire? What, are آپ out of your mind?"

"You know, Buffy, Spring Fling just isn't any dance. It's a time for students to choose, um, a mate. And then we can observe their mating rituals, and tag them before they migrate...just kill me!"

"I guess a guy's gotta' be undead to make time with you."

"I don't handle rejection well. Funny, considering all the practice I've had, huh?"

"Well, I guess it could be worse. I could have gangrene on my face."
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buffy the vampire slayer
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all about us
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 Angel Buffy and Riley "The Yoko Factor"
Angel Buffy and Riley "The Yoko Factor"
As we all look back Season 4. Buffy fell in love with a commando guy who works for underground secert society called the "Intiative". Riley Finn a man who never had a girlfriend in his life until there was Buffy. There relationship was very hard for them in Seasons 4 and 5. Season 4 was about trust and care. When Riley found out about "Angel". He flipped out on Buffy. Like felt that was loosing her in that season. Buffy was trying to make Riley understand her feelings towards Angel.

Season 5 was the worst act yet for Briley. When Buffy first met the famous vampire name "Dracula".Riley was feeling...
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A perfect video depicting every part of faith: sexy, naughty, bitchy
sexy naughty
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Voting closed. Scoobies taking place now in chat!

Welcome دوستوں of the Buff, Minions of Spike, Watchers in Training, Zeppos, Wiccians, Broody Do-Gooders, Mystical Keys, Evil Masterminds, and of course former and/or current demons!

It is with great pleasure that we welcome آپ tonight to the offical opening of The Scoobies, The Buffy Oscars event right here on your پسندیدہ spot - The Pop.

Don't know what they Scoobies are? Just clicked on something that آپ were curious about? Allow me to fill آپ in on the exposition. The Scoobies is completely پرستار run, پرستار based, and پرستار broiled. Everything...
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