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ارے guys! just a couple months ago, i started reading warriors again. before something happened, and i hated warriors, but now i like it again. i made a clan, and couldn't decide what to call it. i decided on butterflies.i know this مضمون is kinda boring, but i really am a bright person. just ask. on Monday, i have bible study. Tuesday, is piano lessons. Wednesday is basketball, یا والی بال games against another team. i also do track, but i don't know when that is. thursday i have chapel at school.friday is my دن of rest. saturday i go out and ride my bike, do my homework, and go to the library. sunday i go to the small childrens sunday school. all of this and im only 11. wow. well hope u enjoy this clan. سے طرف کی the time your reading this there are either no, verry little, یا tons of fans. most likely little to none besides myself. well, gotta get back to my club. peace out.