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posted by godsgirl8494
Everyone pls STOP asking my دوستوں for information about my personal life. I actually don't tell my دوستوں all the details about me یا justin. Although, some would like to think they know مزید than they honestly do. I'm just a simple girl who would love nothing مزید than to be known as me ... Caitlin Beadles. Not Caitlin Beadles Justin's ex یا Justin's best (girl) friend. Please understand I love all of آپ who support me but messaging my دوستوں to get info is not cool. The truth is no on knows the whole story because I am a private person.

That is one of the qualities Justin likes about...
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posted by godsgirl8494
Thanks so much for caring about Caitlin and praying for her. She is ہوم from the hospital and recovering. It will take some time but we are fortunate that she will be ok. Thanks so much for all your prayers and please know how happy it makes Caitlin to see how truly loved she is سے طرف کی all of you! آپ are all very special to our family for the outpouring of love through your messages, comments, videos, songs, and poems during this difficult time. God Bless آپ All ... He is a God of Miracles!