CAMP HALF-BLOOD!!!! Your life as a demigod.........

MCF2000 posted on Oct 17, 2011 at 12:59PM
Imagine if YOU were a demigod, whos child would you want to be? Whos would you probably be (based on personality)? Whoswould you probably be based on looks? Whos would you definatly NOT be? When you're brought to camp half-blood would you scream and freak out like "Omigosh you're a freaking centaur!" or would you scream and freak out like "WHOO-HOO!!!!! Im finnaly here!!! I've been waiting for this MY WHOLE LIFE!!!!!!!! Hi Percy!" Percy: Who are you?? What would you say to that? Would you say: YOUR NEW BEST FRIEND!!! YEA!!!!! or Your worst nightmare! Now get out of my face. Who would you be friends with? Who would you be enimes with? What classes would you be good in? Bad in? What would be the biggest prank you would pull while your there (paint Ares cabin pink and becorate with flowers and shiny sparkly stuff would be mine! :P) ?

On this rp-lke-thingamajig we will answer all the important questions!

CAMP HALF-BLOOD!!!! No جوابات