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And the place to be is crazy
Come rock with me
Couldn't wait to leave but now I hate to go
Last دن of camp, packing my bags slow (Slow)
Made too many friends, why does it have to end
In the end it's a win, 'cause we grown so close together
Remember when we first met, first day
Thinkin' this would be no fun, no way
And now it's time to leave, but now we wanna stay (Stay)
Stay, stay, stay, stay, stay, oh

Hasta la vista
I'm gonna say goodbye to you
Whatever happens I'll be cool with you
Wanna give me your number, I'll call ya
Promise I won't forget ya
Hasta la vista
We'll all be going...
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Jason: Yeah man, this is where Connect 3... connected!

Caitlyn: Her mom is a great person. What's your mom like?
Barron: Uhh, she's like a mom.

Mitchie: [in canoe] I don't think we're doing this right.
Shane: What, آپ don't like going in circles?

Shane: I learned my lesson! I showered in cold water! I looked at a tree! It’s been three hours, I need hair product.

Brown: I hate when I have to be uncool.

Jason: Guess who?
Shane: You're in the room, I can see you.
Jason: I can see آپ too man!

Mitchie: Um... You're dreaming. You're a rock princess.

Shane: Than my usual stupid cookie cutter pop سٹار, ستارہ stuff? Sorry to disappoint.

Shane: Hey, being a jerk is part of the rock سٹار, ستارہ image.

Jason: Oh and can آپ make me a bird house?
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Joe Jonas searches for the perfect lip gloss. Ella sets the record straight with Tess... and tests how many times lip gloss can be کہا in a video. Demi Lovato whines about it.
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They tell آپ a good girl is quiet
And that آپ should never ask why
'Cause it only makes it harder to fit in
And آپ should be happy, excited
Even if you're just invited
'Cause the winner needs someone
To clap for them
It's so hard just waiting
In a line that never moves
It's time آپ started making
Your own rules

You gotta scream until
There's nothing left
With your last breath, say
Here I am, here I am
Make 'em listen
'Cause there's no way you'll be ignored
Not anymore, say
Here I am, here I am
Here I am, uh, uh, uh
Here I am, uh, uh

You only get one life to work it
So who cares if it's not perfect
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