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posted by adaug
once there was a 9 سال old girl named,Sandra.Sandra loved,LOVED,LOVED!Candy!She ate candy every day!Sandra had brown,long hair.Short Nails.And had one little brother,Matthew.And a mom.
"MOM!I'm ہوم from school!"Sandra yelled."OKAY!"Her mother responded."Can I eat a Smackers Bar?"Smackers bar we're a chocolate bar with nuts,peanut butter,and caramel."NOT 'TIL آپ EAT YOUR رات کے کھانے, شام کا کھانا LATER!!!"Mom's voice cut throw the air.
"Grrrr!!!!!!!!!"I moaned.I went in my room and got out my "emergency" stash of candy,A.K.A,Thirteen Smackers bars,Fifteen Tootsie rolls,And sixty five pieces of gum!I gobbled down...
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