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posted by cshelto1
I have no idea what I am suppose to say, but all I want to state here is that I am now a پرستار of Catherine Bell. While she has been مقبول for some time I have basically not paid much attention to TV series, I am مزید of a movie kind of guy.

But the "Good Witch" series is now on Netflix and I have enjoyed immensely watching it. I will not tell آپ how many times I have watch "Good Witch" because if I did آپ would think I was deranged. But I love the plot and especially the love affair between Sam and Cassie. Catherine appears to really be in love with Sam, آپ can see it in her face and her body language. Fantastic romantic series and I wish to congratulate this woman for her excellent acting skills. In my humble opinion she is better at what she does than many of the famous A listers in Hollywood.

Obviously she is a beautiful woman but مزید than that is here ability to make anyone believe of her love affair with Sam. I look آگے to seeing anything else she is in.
Here is a lovely interview done سے طرف کی Celebrity Baby Scoop. She talks about Jag, Army Wives, & her family.

We first loved her as Lt. Colonel Sarah MacKenzie on the hit TV دکھائیں JAG. Now we’re watching Catherine گھنٹی, بیل portray Denise Sherwood on the Lifetime TV series Army Wives. Mom to 6 1/2-year-old daughter Gemma, Catherine is now expecting her سیکنڈ child – a boy! – with husband Adam Beason in late Summer.

Catherine opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about being “exhausted” during her سیکنڈ pregnancy, how Gemma can’t wait to be a big sister, and the possibility of her pregnancy...
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