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posted by silvermist_
This phone is a great beginner phone یا so i thought. The first maybe 6 months was great and then i started running into some problems. Now im not sure if its because i dropped it a bunch of times یا something but right now i dont think so because my friend who has the same phone ran into the exact same problems. The phone turns on and off سے طرف کی its self at random times and when i slide it open یا closed it sometimes tirns off. Also when i get text messages it turns off at times. I dont know why this is happining but let me know if آپ are having the same problems with your intensity. Thanks for reading this and i hope it helps آپ if آپ are trying to choose a phone یا if آپ are also having theese problems.
I think I should get a cell phone because,

This summer I would love to keep in touch with my دوستوں (like ____ یا ____) who I don’t get to see much over the summer. Also, while I am in Florida that would be nice.

I get very bored with my old phone, because it's little...

To invite them over, whenever _________'s phone has low battery, یا is in use.

To text them asking them updates.

I would not get on it a lot when I‘m with my friends.

I could help with the bills. If آپ would let me.

This سال I will be joining after school things ( cuz i love it), and band concerts and might need آپ to grab something, but can’t find a phone to call آپ with.

I’m responsible.
This was a complete surprise, but AT&T made it official in February and introduced the Motorola Backflip as its first Google Android device. The Backflip made its grand debut at CES 2010, where we awarded the smartphones category for its unique design, which includes a rear-facing QWERTY keyboard and a trackpad behind the display. Unfortunately, after now spending some time with the device, this seems to be the only real highlight of the phone. The Backflip suffers from performance issues and runs Android 1.5, making it a rather disappointing Android debut for AT&T. Now we have a close...
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