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This is a فہرست of ten فلمیں and shows that mean so much for me. I love the shows and فلمیں in this فہرست for nostalgic reasons, because of special memories involving them, because they taught me some life lessons, یا they helped through some hard times.

10. Who Framed Roger Rabbit
When I was a little kid there were only a certain few of live action فلمیں I loved to watch and this movie was one of them. I loved watching the Roger Rabbit hospital cartoon that came with the Honey I Shrunk the Kids tape and I loved this movie. When I was little I didn't understand that the whole movie was...
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Here's my پسندیدہ movies, which might change due to new فلمیں breaking into the فہرست یا stay like this forever but as for now here are the سب, سب سے اوپر 20 فلمیں I love watching over and over!

disclaimer: the synopsis for each movie kinda sucks but برداشت, ریچھ with me because I know some people don't recognize a couple of the movies

Number 20: Song of the sea

 A masterpiece
A masterpiece

Ben was a small kid when his mom disappeared from his life with only a promise he made to take care of his sister, something he really has no intention of keeping now that they're a bit older. His father hasn't gotten over his mother's...
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Time to be biased and choose the characters I enjoy seeing their presence in فلمیں as long as they're animated!

Seeing here though as this is the MOVIE characters فہرست here are the ground rules!!

--> no characters from TV shows EVEN if they do actually have made for TV فلمیں (Sorry KP, Peter Parker, Lance and Obi wan kenobi but know I still love you)
--> ANY characters is game, hero/heroine, villain, side characters ANYONE!!


20. Ballerina (Fantasia 2000)

She didn't say a word but conveyed kindness to the tinman and never belittled him even when he felt...
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I like things like this so here's my crack at the animated dream life, hope آپ enjoy!

1. Character names I'd want to have...

First Name: Celestine (Ernest and Celstine)
I like how it sounds like the name of something mythical (well it does mean heavenly)

 Also celestine is adorable
Also celestine is adorable

Last Name: Hawkins (Treasure planet)
partly because i like Jim and partly because it sounds nice together

Celestine Hawkins!

2. Place I'd want to have...
Aurora's Cottage

It looks like it has enough for me to live on, quaint and tiny, and it's in the middle of nowhere.....i may be a bit of a loner

 maybe i can generate my own electricity too!
maybe i...
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posted by ace2000
Hi everyone!

So I did this sort of مضمون a while پہلے in the Disney Princess club. (The idea was introduced a few years پہلے on that club سے طرف کی the user dimitri_: link) I've decided to adapt and expand the idea to fit animated characters across the board.
Hope آپ like my مضمون :)

1. Character names I'd want to have...

First Name: Olivia

This name was first introduced سے طرف کی Shakespeare in his comedy Twelfth Night - apparently it means "olive tree".

Olive branches symbolize peace; Olympians used to receive زیتون wreaths as a prize; olives symbolized Athena, the goddess of wisdom; مجموعی طور پر pretty cool...
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