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"I wish آپ the beast of luck!"
"If آپ smelllelelelelellll what Y2J is cooking!"
"you stupid srtuuuuuupid son of a *****!"
"Oh my God I killed Juvi!"
"Stephanie, you're the breast, I mean BEST!"
"Where is the ring?(Him vs Goldberg)
"Kane آپ are the ugliest 'diva' in the entire WWE"
"Welcome to RAW is Jericho"
"It will never EEEver happen again"
To Shane "Every دن آپ come out here, these people call آپ that word that rhymes with wussy(audience
:Pussy)oh yeah, that's right!"
"You're sanctimonious son of a *****"
(audience:Jericho suck)"I don't suck!"
(spils coffee on Kane)"Sorry, didn't mean to burn...
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chris jericho
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10 سب, سب سے اوپر chris jericho quotes:

#1 "I really don't care if Stephanie enjoys kissing Kurt Angle. یا if Kurt Angle enjoys kissing Stephanie. یا hell, if Kurt Angle enjoys kissing Triple H! Cause as far as I'm
concerned all three of آپ can kiss my ass!"

#2 Now you're the Queen of Hardcore, but فلمیں don't Count!" - Chris Jericho to Stephanie

#3 Vince: "OK!! Now go out there and kick DDP's butt, Junior!!"
Jericho: "OK, Ju--- Senior!"

#4 This is about مزید then just about you! This is about مزید then all of us! This is about ME!” (Accepting award for best match for TLC III, along with all other...
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