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We fell in love with her in her role of Kelly Bundy on the لومڑی hit series, MARRIED WITH CHILDREN. We watched her bring to life the role of the young Grace Kelly in the hit film of the same name, GRACE KELLY. It was at that point that America discovered its true admiration and fondness for the extraordinary talent and personality of TV/FILM Actress, Christina Applegate. It's no surprise that not too long پہلے she received the coveted PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARD for America's پسندیدہ TV Actress.

After recently having her baby in January of this سال off the screen, Christina for the first time since...
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Christina Applegate has been nominated for's Most Inspiring Person of the سال award. There is still time for one last rally before voting ends on Dec. 5th, and آپ can vote as often as آپ want, but only once daily. Visit and help get the vote out for Christina!

The Most Inspiring Person of the سال award is a yearly recognition سے طرف کی Beliefnet readers and editors of noteworthy humanitarian actions that inspire and encourage us all to live better lives. The award is bestowed upon someone who has risen above expectations. He یا she may have countered stereotypes and demonstrated courage, forgiveness, self-sacrifice یا love under difficult and challenging circumstances.