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Back when I was a kid watching Christmas specials on TV, Mrs. Claus was invariably portrayed as a sweet but dowdy older woman of slightly plump stature. She could cook a mean pie and reminded آپ of your Grandma. Of course, we loved her and so did Santa.

But did آپ ever wonder what Mrs. Claus might have looked like when she was younger? I mean, I assume she must've be smokin' (natch).

So why is it that so many of the classic holiday programs دکھائیں us a Santa Claus surrounded سے طرف کی androgynous little elves and a matronly Mrs. Claus? I mean, it's cold up at the North Pole. Surely Santa isn't adverse...
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آپ Will Need ☃️

Bag of marshmallows (large)
Bag of marshmallows (small)
کاک, کاکٹیل sticks/tooth picks
Liquorice strips any flavour
Food colouring for piping
Edible piping glue
Pkt fruit pastels


Skew together two large marshmallows for head and body یا one large for body and one small for the head with کاک, کاکٹیل sticks.Skew the arms in the same way then add to the body.

Pipe on face with food colouring.
Glue on liquorice strip for a scarf.
Glue on fruit pastel for the hat.

Leave to set.

آپ can give him a candy cane if آپ wish ☃️
posted by carenlee
Wreaths are one of the traditional decorative items that are most preferably used during the Christmas celebrations. Everyone is planning for something innovative and unique when it comes to the decoration. Green wreaths with red ribbons یا golden and silver tiny ornaments will always compliment the other decorations. Collecting few link ideas can help آپ decorate your ہوم in an enchanting and ethnic manner.

How to make decorative and Eco Friendly Christmas Wreaths?

Have آپ ever heard about eco friendly Christmas wreaths? These wreaths can be made from reusable substances which probably...
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ارے guys so this is just some fun lil humor! i found this joke and thought it was cute! i think the women and especially the wives will agree!

After being away on business for a week before Christmas, Tom thought it would be nice to bring his wife a little gift.

"How about some perfume?" he asked the cosmetics clerk. She showed him a bottle costing $50.

"That's a bit much," کہا Tom, so she returned with a smaller bottle for $30.

"Thats still quite a bit," Tom groused.

Growing disgusted, the clerk brought out a tiny $15 bottle.

Tom grew agitated, "What I mean," he said, "is I'd like to see something real cheap."

So the clerk handed him a mirror.
(12/04/08 Update: I'm currently cleaning up the dead لنکس in this article. آپ can also

Ahh Christmas. The tree, the stockings, the mistletoe and - of course - the holiday ویژن ٹیلی programming.

Some of my fondest Christmas memories were spent in front a of ویژن ٹیلی watching such classics as the animated Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer یا one of the myriad versions of Dickens' 'A Christmas Carol'.

So without further ado, I am presenting آپ with my big, big فہرست of holiday specials. I've tried to categorize the فہرست into subsections to make it a little مزید bearable and consumable. The...
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posted by vikaspintu
Santa clause is a funny fatty guy. Who distribute gifts to childrens on christmas. I think he is fatty because he always eat chocolate and جنک, فضول foods throughout the year. He looks funny. He always make childrens happy. I like him soooo.....much. MERRY CHRISTMAS SANTASanta clause is a funny fatty guy. Who distribute gifts to childrens on christmas. I think he is fatty because he always eat chocolate and جنک, فضول foods throughout the year. He looks funny. He always make childrens happy. I like him soooo.....much. MERRY CHRISTMAS SANTA
posted by vider69
I've always preferred the term Christmas in opposed to Xmas, it looks better when it's written in cards یا a part of Christmas decorations, and what's an Xmas anyway? I know that it's some type of abbreviation for the word Christmas but it doesn't look right and it sounds worse if آپ try saying it, Christmas has become so commercialized over the years it seems as though many of us have lost our Christmas cheer and the meaning of Christmas isn't what it used to be, however this is my first Christmas on Fanpop and it's great to have a spot dedicated to this festive season, I am the youngest...
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posted by deedragongirl
Hi guys, since Christmas will be coming here, I will be writing down some of my favourite Christmas songs may it be Carols, from Christmas films یا from other artists who performed famous Christmas carols.

As Long As There's Christmas

This song is taken from Disney's midquel, Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas. Belle sang this while decorating the درخت and it was sung سے طرف کی Peabo Bryson and Roberta Flack, I absolutely adore the lyrics because it's very symbolic especially about Christmas day!

The First Noel

The tune is very pleasant to listen to and it tells us about the 3 Wise Men receiving...
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Not a پرستار of your traditional Christmas music? Here's a فہرست of hard Christmas songs from all over the metal spectrum! If آپ have any مزید suggestions feel free to drop them in the comments.

Within Temptation's Gothic Christmas

Ben Kweller's It Ain't Christmas Yet

Material Issue's Merry Christmas

Lacuna Coil's Naughty Christmas

Amarna Reign's Black Christmas

Hedegaard's Scary Christmas

Trans Siberian Orchestra's Carol Of The Bells

August Burns Red's Carol Of The Bells

I Declare War's Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer

Hope For Tomorrow's A Very Metalcore Christmas

Hollywood Undead's Christmas In Hollywood...
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 Would آپ pick this over something else?
Would you pick this over something else?
Last edited on 20 December 2007.

While not necessarily limited to the Christmas holiday, White ہاتھی Gift Exchanges are مقبول at this time of سال for clubs, associations, small groups, churches and offices around the United States. It is often a مزید affordable (and, possibly, fun) alternative to buying presents for everyone in the group. But what is a White ہاتھی Gift Exchange?

The history
The story - almost certainly apocryphal - goes like this: in pre-colonial India, the rajahs would give gifts to their vassals as tokens of their esteem. Chief among these was the elephant. The elephant...
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posted by islandprincess
In Ukraine, the Christmas holidays begin since 2nd of January. Prior to Christmas in the Ukraine, people try to complete almost all important work. As usual, the hostess thoroughly cleans the house, covers the new tablecloth, tries to make new clothes before holiday. On January 4th Ukrainians prepare everything for the future festive Christmas dinner. According to tradition, there should be 12 courses for Svyatvecher (Christmas). All they have to be lean.

Traditionally, 12 courses are prepared because it is believed that during the سال the ماہ run over the earth for 12 times. Therefore,...
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posted by deedeeflower
سے طرف کی this time of year, many people are running out of gift ideas. Well, if آپ have a gardener (or a potential gardener) among your دوستوں and family, we have a few ideas for you!

You can always buy a plant for your gardener. But that's too easy--let's be a little مزید creative.

If آپ know a fellow gardener who would like food plants but just can't resist those beautiful flowers and decorative plants, plan a decorative food garden for them! Many vegetables and herbs have lovely flowers یا foliage. Ornamental kale, for instance, is often grown simply as an ornamental but it is both pretty and...
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posted by deedragongirl
 Quite a pleasant tune to listen to.
Quite a pleasant tune to listen to.
Since I had done with my favourite Christmas films, now it's the famous Oratorios composed سے طرف کی famous classical composers.

1) The Messiah سے طرف کی George Frederick Handel

This oratorio premiered in Dublin, Ireland and it's the first oratorio to be performed in English. Which was unusual at that time.

2) Alexander's Feast سے طرف کی George Frederick Handel

Although this oratorio is link to Alexander the Great, it's موسیقی sounds very Christmas oriented and it is highly recommend for both Christmas and Handel شائقین alike!

3) St. John's Passion سے طرف کی Johann Sebastian Bach

It's dramatic موسیقی will not only celebrate...
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posted by ChuckyLover1
Santa Claus, also known as Saint Nicholas, Father Christmas and simply "Santa", is a figure with legendary, mythical, historical and folkloric origins who, in many western cultures, is کہا to bring gifts to the homes of the good children during the late evening and overnight hours of Christmas Eve, December 24. The modern figure was derived from the Dutch figure of Sinterklaas, which, in turn, may have part of its basis in hagiographical tales concerning the historical figure of gift giver Saint Nicholas. A nearly identical story is attributed سے طرف کی Greek and Byzantine folklore to Basil of Caesarea....
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posted by the_bunkster
Hi everyone!

I just wanted to say Merry Cristmas to all of آپ fanpoppers out there.

If آپ believe in god یا آپ don't, it is always a special دن for families and دوستوں to دکھائیں how they really feel about one another, either this being food fights, real fights یا praying for the less fortunate, spend it as a way that is special to you.

Living in Australia, i have always had sweaty, hot christmas'. Christmas morning spent with my mum and in the afternoon, it is spent with my dad. This is all that i have basically known, i am just grateful that i get to spend one of my most favourite days of the سال with my whole family.

But remember that christmas is not just about the presents یا the food, although it is the best part lol, it is about family, دوستوں and santa.

So spread the joy and love that this season brings, spread it to everyone that آپ know and maybe even to those that آپ don't. Have a great christmas :)
posted by katiemariie
I really enjoy the Christmas season. I love the فلمیں that get played every year. I love the Christmas موسیقی radio station. I love the lights. I love the snow. I love the togetherness. I love the Claymation. I love wrapping presents. I love unwrapping presents. I love making cards and presents for my دوستوں and my teachers. I love going to the mall and finding the perfect gift. I love going shopping with my friends. I love the classroom Christmas parties that are against school rules. I love going to Petsmart with my mom to get ذخیرہ stuffers for my cats. I love waking up early on Christmas...
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posted by Mallory101
O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree!
How are thy leaves so verdant!
O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree,
How are thy leaves so verdant!

Not only in the summertime,
But even in winter is thy prime.
O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree,
How are thy leaves so verdant!

O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree,
Much pleasure doth thou bring me!
O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree,
Much pleasure doth thou bring me!

For every سال the Christmas tree,
Brings to us all both joy and glee.
O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree,
Much pleasure doth thou bring me!

O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree,
Thy candles shine out brightly!
O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree,
Thy candles shine out brightly!

Each bough doth hold its tiny light,
That makes each toy to sparkle bright.
O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree,
Thy candles shine out brightly!
Another Holiday season is upon us and آپ know what that means: break out the egg nog, light up the tree, put up the stockings, take out a سیکنڈ mortgage for the credit card bill and آگ کے, آگ up The Carpenter's Christmas album (turn it up to 11, will you?).

It also means it's time for another فہرست of Christmas video goodies.

So kick back and get ready to enjoy another batch of holiday fun. Oh, and in case آپ missed last year's فہرست be sure to check out link

So without further ado...

The Essentials
I'm reposting these from last year's فہرست because these are the items most people want to see....
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If آپ want to wish "Merry Christmas" to someone in Greece, then آپ should say: Kala Hristouyienna.

If آپ want to wish "Happy New سال " to someone in Greece, then آپ should say: Kali Hronia.

For "Happy New سال Day" in Greek آپ should say "Kali Protohronia".

If your friend is called Manolis یا Hristos, his nameday is on December 25 (Christmas day). Wish him "Hronia Polla" (Many Happy Returns) for his nameday.

The same applies if your friend is called Vassilis, Yiannis یا Fotis. Vassilis nameday is on January 1, Fotis' nameday is on January 6, Yiannis' nameday is on January 7.

During Christmas holiday period, which lasts from December 24 until January 6, plus a couple of weeks past that, it is a custom in Greece to wish "Hronia Polla" to the people آپ meet. So, if آپ meet someone in the morning, the proper way to greet him یا her is: Kalimera, Hronia Polla! (Good morning, Many Happy Returns).
In Germany, today is the First Advent – meaning the first of the for Sundays before Christmas. It is often the last Sunday in November, but this year, it happens to be exactly on December first. Advent is here the time we spend in preparation for the Christmas celebrating, lighting one candle every Sunday.

The sixth of December is a very special day, Nicholas day. The prior evening, everyone in the house is cleaning their largest pair of shoes and putting it in front of the fireplace (or another special place). The اگلے morning, the shoes are filled with sweets – if the children have been...
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