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I've always preferred the term Christmas in opposed to Xmas, it looks better when it's written in cards یا a part of Christmas decorations, and what's an Xmas anyway? I know that it's some type of abbreviation for the word Christmas but it doesn't look right and it sounds worse if آپ try saying it, Christmas has become so commercialized over the years it seems as though many of us have lost our Christmas cheer and the meaning of Christmas isn't what it used to be, however this is my first Christmas on Fanpop and it's great to have a spot dedicated to this festive season, I am the youngest...
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Hi guys, since Christmas will be coming here, I will be writing down some of my favourite Christmas songs may it be Carols, from Christmas films یا from other artists who performed famous Christmas carols.

As Long As There's Christmas

This song is taken from Disney's midquel, Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas. Belle sang this while decorating the درخت and it was sung سے طرف کی Peabo Bryson and Roberta Flack, I absolutely adore the lyrics because it's very symbolic especially about Christmas day!

The First Noel

The tune is very pleasant to listen to and it tells us about the 3 Wise Men receiving...
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