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time for بستر puffels i کہا all my 20 puffels bounced up and down i whent to بستر it was freezeing when i woke up it looked like 8:00 in the moring it was colder then when i whent to بستر i opend the door but got avalaced insted it must of snowed all night i felt like i was fretting somting then i rembered pumkin was out side last night he is problie an ice sickel i opend the back door pumkin my heghog rolled in sorry punkin if i kew it would of snowed like this آپ would a stayed in the for cast کہا snow but not a blizzerd i کہا smiling a giving pumken food he seemed happy to be inside and...
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posted by goth-kitty
First, آپ have to get the main treasure that's in the big clam's mouth.

Second, آپ have to get the rare treasure. There are five tiny clams with tiny, white pearls. One has a black pearl, that is the main treasure.

Third, آپ need to complete it witout losing a sub. آپ can do this in step one یا two, یا if آپ didn't get it then do it now. if آپ don't do it, آپ can't اقدام on to step four.

Fourth, آپ have to do it timed. During that time, آپ may see the giant squid. (Check تصاویر to see what it looks like!!)

Fith, آپ have to do it in compressed air mode, meaning that آپ can't touch anything, otherwise آپ lose your sub. Plus, آپ -will- go very fast.
 The achievements
The achievements
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How is it?
Hi!i have cheats and i want to share them so here we go!open the map go in the theater stand سے طرف کی the stone the stone will اقدام and then a hole will appear go through the hole آپ will see five penguins will stand سے طرف کی treasure chest آپ will see it open then click on the precious stone آپ will get a new pin-quartz on the map then click mine and go look right of the mine cave آپ will see the سونا feather pin.go to the mine shack go to mine go to cave mine click on miners ہیلمیٹ on the left to get a the map go to town go to coffee دکان then go upstairs to the book room open the bookshelf and click on the book called rockhopper and the stowaway flip back up the book and click on the قوس قزح braclet.Note:the اگلے cheat is for NINJAS ONLY!put the ninja suit and mask on your پینگوئن, پیںگان push the d button on your keyboard then your پینگوئن, پیںگان is invisible. i will give آپ مزید cheats anytime soon until i get more!
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