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posted by Jessikaroo
It's a little late, but I wanted to have my say. :) I was watching Corpse Bride yesterday, and was thinking about how when I was a kid I always wanted Victor and Emily to end up together. Yeah, Victor and Victoria were in love, no one can deny that. But there's many different kinds of love. And I really think Victor was falling in love with Emily.
I think Victor falling in love with Emily made مزید sense to me. It was happening مزید slowly, so slowly a lot of people missed it. But it was there. And I think they'd balance each other out. Victor being the مزید soft spoken of the two, and Emily...
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posted by ALetterToElise
The Corpse Bride

Once upon a time there was a young man who lived in a village in Russia. He was to be married and he and his friend prepared to go to the village where his bride-to-be lived, two days walk from his own village.

The first night the two دوستوں decided to set up camp سے طرف کی a river. The young man who was going to be married spotted an unusual looking stick in the ground that looked like a bony finger. He and his friend started joking about this bony finger sticking out of the ground and the young man who was going to be married took the golden wedding ring from his pocket and put it...
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posted by oblix
Awards & Nominations:

Best Animated Feature Film of the Year: Tim Burton, Mike Johnson (Nominated)

Saturn Award - Best Animated Film (Won)

- Ub Iwerks Award for Technical Achievement (Won)
- Best Animated Feature (Nominated)
- Best Character Design in an Animated Feature Production: Carlos Grangel (Nominated)
- Best Directing in an Animated Feature Production: Mike Johnson, Tim برٹن (Nominated)

Best Foreign Film, Not in the Spanish...
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posted by coconutcrazy
When Victoria's almost husband is finally dead, victor decides to marry Emily. Even though both Emily and Victoria protest, he says, "I have found that I truly love Emily. I'm sorry Victoria." and he drinks the poison. Soon, he turns ice cold and comes to Emily gently whispering, "Please my dear, let us go off to the land of the dead, forever." While Victoria watches in dismay, Victor and his new wife rose up in the air, کہا hopscotch, and dissapear forever. Victoria is so crushed, she has an emotional meltdown. Poor Victoria never married, had 9 cats, and died at the age of 30, on the anniversary of her meltdown, April 15th, 1912.
 Victor and Emily VanDort's wedding تصویر
Victor and Emily VanDort's wedding photo