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posted by MissDeathWish1
i just made this cuz i was bored!!! this story takes place in TDA im not sure when but it was then!

It's the afternoon. Heather had just been voted off. Well anyway Lindsay was braiding Beth's hair, Justin was tanning, Leshwna was eatin chips, Courney was reading a book, Harold was playin with his yoyo's and Duncan was carving a picture of a skull into a tree.

'Why آپ so obsessed with me? Boy i wanna know. lyin that ur sexin me when everybody knows. it clear theat your upset wit me ohohoh'
Courtney's ring tone for her phone.she took one look and went "UGHHH!!" she answered it but with the noise...
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sorry it took a littel longer then i wanted to be on updating the اگلے chapter,its just been busy these past couple of days and stuff. anyways heres chapter 2!
Courtneys pov.

Here I was... دل broken. I should have know this would happen. I mean come on! He's a player punk. And it's obvious he liked Gwen and she like him as well. It's just.. I thought he really loved me.. Guess I was wrong. Like always. He just made me feel so special. Of course he prombely make all of his girlfriends feel special. And then after he got what hE...
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3 years after Total Drama Courtney has started a new life as a lawyer.

Courtney: Is it ready yet Helen
Helen: No not yet working on in it
Courtney: Well hurry up I don't have all day
Helen: oh here it is
Courtney: Is Mrs Jones here.
Helen: Yes!(smiling) She's waiting for her husband
Courtney: She must be excited seeing her husband after all these years its a shame he had to rob the jewelry store

Helen:It is but thanks to your quick thinking آپ got him off!(smiling)
Courtney:Now he's free to go to his wife and kids

Susie and Tom ages 14 & 10
Heather: Hello losers and Duncan
Justin: گھاس, ہے ugly people and hello Courtney. All of a sudden Justin comes over kisses my hand and winks as he goes over to sit اگلے to Heather. I couldn't help but blush.
Courtney: IDK, all he did was...
Gwen: Don't tell me your jealous Duncan
Bridgette: Oh yeah, your delilently not jealous
Trent: We couldn't tell سے طرف کی the way your yelling
Duncan: I'M NO...I'm not yelling and I'm not jealous its just...
Before Duncan could answer the teacher came in and started the lesson but...
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Rick: Oh that's the گھنٹی, بیل got to go see ya.
Silver: Same here so see ya at lunch Courtney. She ran off with Rick before they gave us any جوابات but I didn't care. I was with my badboy Duncan again.
Duncan: So princess, what have آپ got first?
Courtney: English, Mr. Zin in room 216
Duncan: Same here, so do آپ want to sit with me princess یا are آپ going to deny liking me again?
Courtney: Maybe...
Duncan just laughed, then he took my hand and we went to 216 together. When we arrive we saw a fue formilla faces, which just made my دن even Bridgette: Courtney...Duncan آپ go here too?
Gwen: I...
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Its been like a week since TDA finished and I'll going to a new highschool but thankfully not on my own but with none other then my half sister Silver. She always knows how to cheer me up when something horrible happens like the fact I won't be able to see Duncan again, maybe forever, oh no just thinking about it makes my دل hurt. Anyway, I'm just finishing my breakfast when all of a sudden...
Silver: HAY, HAY, Silvers in the house! Silver comes in with a her backpack and lunch.
Courtney: I see your in a good mood.
Silver: Then why shouldn't I be?
Courtney: Let me think...because its the first...
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I'm in my room and Duncan walks in
Duncan: Listen Court we have to talk
Courtney: About what?
Duncan: آپ and me we've been together for a long time right
Courtney: Yea for two seasons
Duncan: well that's as long as its going
Courtney: what? Why? (eyes watering)
Duncan: Are relationship is tiring and I think I'm in love with Gwen too.
Courtney: Since when? (fully crying)
Duncan: Since last season me and Gwen are مزید alike then us were polar opposites. But I still love آپ and you'll always be my first love but I'm sorry its over.

I make a part depends if آپ like it???
posted by CourtneyKatara
Courtney: But we've been through everything together (sniffles) آپ کہا آپ loved me how can forget that . Every time we kissed آپ were always in a daze.

Duncan: Courtney stop OK!! Its over well for now anyway let's see how its goes with Gwen, If I realize that its not meant to be I'll come back but anyways Gwen's outside waiting for me. (Duncan leaves Courtney house and jumps in his car and starts making out with Gwen, Courtney is looking out her window)

Courtney: (resumes crying) All my life I've one things but the thing I care about most I lost. These trophies and plaques mean nothing to me anymore because, because I'm totally in love with Duncan.
IMPORTANT! please Read!: ارے pplz it's been too long! yeah sorry i haven't been on for a long time, just have alot shit going on at home:( but now im here so we can throw a freaken party! Anyways, there is not many people on fanpop anymore, so i thought i should write before no one is on fanpop! so for the one یا two people left on the website, here is my story:)

Courntey was walking ہوم from the coffe she had with trent. She was very happy to see him ce it has been very long. He was the one true friend she had. If she never moved then she would have never lost contect with him. But, fate...
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Courtney Was Getting Ready For Her Surprise Party When All Of A Sudden She Heard Someone.
Noah:I'm Late, I'm Late For A Very Important Date.
Courtney:What Are آپ Late For?
Noah:The چائے Party.
Courtney:I Should Come!
Cody:Going Somewhere, Alice?
Courtney:Cody, You're A Cat?
Cody:Yes, Can آپ Stand On Your Head?
Courtney:No! Just Tell Me Where To Go.
Cody:Go See The Mad Hatter And March Hare.
Courtney:I Don't Want To Be Among Mad People!
Cody:You Can't Help That. We're All Mad, I'm Mad, You're Mad!
(Cody Disappears With A Creepy Grin)
DJ:...To Us. If There Are No Objections, Let It Be Unanimous....
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Okay, so Duncan and Gwen Kissed, it is a fact. Duncan and Courtney were once a couple, thats a fact as well. Why can't both sides just get over it and leave eachother alone? There will always be Duncan and Courtney fans, becasue they were once a couple. There will now always be Duncan and Gwen شائقین becasue they ARE a couple now, یا for now.And becasue of this the "war" is stupid. In fact war is stupid to begin with.

Has anyone ever tried to talk to someone from the other side of the war without them knowing your a fan? My plan didn't work well, because the پرستار I picked in the fanpop chat was...
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This was the دن that maybe, just maybe he will say the three words she has wanted hear every since she relised she loved him. She had never thought that she,Courntey clark, would love someone like him, Duncan evens. I geuss thats why they say آپ can't control who آپ fall in love with. She sure never planed to fall for him, fall HARD for him, and she hates it مزید then anything. But still loves every littel detail about him. Yet,there was still tings she dislikes. She hates the fact that he can be a real heartless jerk, یا when he flirts with other girls, and she hates when hes, not listening...
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posted by CourtneyKatara
A سال has gone سے طرف کی since then

Courtney gone to California to live out her dream to be Lawyer and Duncan comes into her office

Duncan: (timidly) ارے Courtney

Courtney: (turns around) Hi Duncan how آپ been

Duncan: Um not really sure me and Gwen are living together and haha she's pregnant.

Courtney: Oh really (scratching her desk) That's great,( getting angry) what do want.

Duncan: آپ know what I کہا last time abut thinking about it with Gwen. This isn't easy for me to say but II still love you. I realized its آپ that I want to spend the rest of my life with so (getting down on one knee opening case) Will آپ marry me.

Courtney: (still in shock) yes YES I'll marry you

They both embrace each other and start making out.
"So, does anyone have any ideas on how we could earn money so we could raise money for field trips?"Asked Ms. Palmer, who was hosting a carnival for our up coming field trip.

It was 5th grade and since last سال the school has been spending so much money on unneeded supplies. But a 11 سال old girl name Courtney had suggest we could have a fundraiser to raise money.

Everyone in her class was quite and dumbfounded about the thought. Than one 11 سال old punk and green-haired boy spoke up."We have a kissing booth."He suggest while giving Courtney a dirty look.

Duncan only suggest this because this...
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"Oh, stop it."I giggled as Duncan stoked my hair. It was Saturday, and Duncan and I were at the park. The night of the sleep over, I had to do both, if آپ were wondering, and Duncan begged me to go to the park with him. I didn't want to argue so I caved.

We were both laying on a blanket spend across the lawn. It wasn't that cold today so, we decided to come out, but the pond was frozen. I was laying اگلے to him, as we looked up in the sky, and tried to describe the clouds."That looks like a bunny."I said, as I pointed this one cloud.

I looked him waiting for a response, but notice he was staring...
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"Wow I can't believe Owen scarfed down 82 hot-dogs."I improved. Bridgett nodded in agreement. Bridgett, Gwen, and I have just came from a ساحل سمندر, بیچ party Geoff through for us, and they had a hot-dog eating contest. I'm not really surprise Owen won, but 82-That's a lot.

We were going back to my house for our New سال slumber party. We have one every year, it's like our own thing.

"So, Courtney is it true?"Gwen asked.

I looked at her confused."What's true?"I asked back.

"You know, that آپ and Duncan are going out."She answered.

I stopped walking, and looked at her open eyed."What! Where did آپ hear...
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I've been asked what I wanted to be when I grow up. Well I want to be Lawyer, and become the world's most best singer. I been practicing ever since I was I little girl. My parents had great courage in me. I live with my dad. My mother was murder a few years. She was just getting off late that day, and some guy took out a gun and killed her. It took a very long time for and my dad to get over it, but we pulled through.

But what I really need to tell آپ about is the school I go to. It is like total drama. I would never think that person could carry so much tension. But the most calmness person...
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