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"when ever I try 2 forget u. U Never let me Happen 2 forget U ! I dont know why U always do - Let me always Remind U !" I Remember, U make me SMILE when ever I m CRY. I Remember, U make me CRAZY when ever new think's I TRY!" I see ur smile in my MIRROR. I listen ur words in my EAR. Please just leave me alone for FOREVER !" U just think about Ur self , Ur life ! U just think about ur work, Ur Pride ! What about me I m Nowhere & u also just dont CARE !! " I still Remember that دن when U say " I have to go !" I say " Please dont go , I Need U !" & u say "My country Need me مزید than...
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posted by babyjay
true دوستوں are hard to come by...
yet when آپ catch them آپ feel like آپ can fly...
آپ trust them,
love them,
and talk of future...
آپ know that they will never lie...
and اگلے to them آپ stand side سے طرف کی side...
آپ love them,
hug them,
and share smiles with eachother...
oh how it feels when آپ know your important...
that آپ know آپ have some one to comfort you...
آپ hold their hand,
skip down the street,
and feel no defeat...
true دوستوں are hard to come by...
but hold them tight so away they dont fly.
Sophia was not like ordinary children. She did not run as fast, nor dress the same, یا even live in the same kind of house. In fact, Sophia was never a child inside from the age of five. On the eve of her fifth birthday, she had gone to bed, as weary and happy as ever, but, unlike most children of age five, she did not have peaceful dreams of butterflies and fairies all in a meadow together. In truth, she had a terrible nightmare, one that should not come to children of that age.
She dreamt of a bus, not a school bus, یا one that people use to get off and on again and again, but a black, shiny...
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posted by edward-lover456
shadows in the night
every one keeps telling me i'll be alright
I tell myself i'll never be the same
as long as i know his name
he made me fall in love
we never have to fight
he makes me fell alright
he is a کبوتر the sign of love
to feel the love
it fits like a دستانے, دستانہ
love send from above
shadows in the night
we never fight
people tell me i'll be alright
i no i won't untell he comes back to me
that will set me free
we can be
the showdows in the night
he came back to me
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posted by Lila856
(k so this is a story my friend emailed me!! CAUTION: SOME MAY FIND IT OFFENSIVE)

I had been with my girlfriend for a year, but when I left my job at the bank, we broke up. I was okay with that, we had never connected, یا maybe just never had the time to as my job was 12 hours a day.

After leaving my old life - my job, girlfriend and ہوم in Los Angeles, I moved to a smaller town in California.

I struggled to carry all my luggage into the building my apartment was in, after getting out of the cab. When I stepped into the elevator, I saw her. I saw her like the men in the فلمیں see the women...
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posted by suzyisbrute
I want to say I love آپ and I surely want to mean it.
I want to say I love آپ and I want آپ to believe it.
But they say the greatest test to prove your love is sacrifice.
They say آپ cannot truly love until you've passed this trial's might.
I've passed the other trials that have been set before my heart.
Im being very patient and I have been from the start.
I've always been respectful and I've never clung to tight.
I realize that we both have flaws but, to me that is alright.
I know that I am young still but I've always been mature.
I've always tried my hardest with the work I must endure.
I gave...
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posted by bratski2192
I گیا کیا پوسٹ this on facebook a few hours ago. It's a tribute to my grandfather, Paul, who died last سال & his birthday would be today (6/30).

آپ are the best person ever
One دن we all will once again be together.

آپ are so silly & one of a kind
If anyone didn't love you, they'd have to be blind.

Your one-liners are still carried on
They're so funny, & I know you're not gone.

So, Grandpa: Happy 71st birthday
You're in our hearts, not far away.

NOTE: I love you, Grandpa. R.I.P. <3
-Donna Lee
posted by HaleyDewit
I can’t get no reach of you
You want me with you
Then آپ push me away
And I can’t get no clear view
From these bloodshot windows
In your eyes

I’m torn left and right
You can’t seem to make up your mind
When will آپ drop your disguise
And دکھائیں me your inner side

I can hear what آپ say
But it doesn’t make any sense
When آپ say آپ love me
Then نگلنا the words back in
I’m tired of this game
Will آپ just pick a side
If آپ don’t wanna lose me
Make up your mind

You treat me like a queen
Then آپ look at me
Like I’m dirt on your shoes
And آپ say the sweetest things
Then آپ talk to me
Like I’m...
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