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posted by HaleyDewit
Bonnie woke up difficult. She opened her eyes. Everything was blurry and every limb on her body hurt. She felt a firm grip around her arm and someone pulled her up. Her head rocked back and forth when the same person slapped her in the face. “Booonniiee” a male voice sang. Damon, Bonnie realized. Slowly the events of the night before hit her fuzzy brain. Katherine, the attack, Damon’s anger. The room became مزید clear and she saw Damon standing right in front of her. “You’re awake” he said. “It’s about time” He made a step backwards, giving Bonnie the chance to catch a breath. “What do آپ want?” she asked scared to death but with a whiff of bitterness in her voice. Damon held his head diagonally. “I want to kiss you, make love with you, screw آپ until there’s nothing left to screw” he answered sarcastic and bitter. “What do آپ think I want? I want آپ to take away whatever’s keeping me in check. I want آپ to undo the spell آپ put on Elena” Bonnie shook her head, looking desperate. “I can’t, Damon, I’m sorry” Damon grabbed her neck, pressing her wound. She screamed. “And why can’t you?” he asked his voice caught in his throat. “The only way to free آپ is to kill me” Bonnie started and as a pleased smile appeared on Damon’s face Bonnies eyes filled with tears. “No, please, don’t” she begged. “I know آپ have every right to kill me, I deserved it. But think about Elena. She would never forgive آپ if آپ killed me… I know آپ love Elena” Without loosening his grip Damon answered: “Wow, even when she’s not around, آپ still find a way to use her as a persuasion” He let go of her and she walked away from him to the living room. She walked to the bookshelf where she got out a book. “I can’t undo the spell without being killed, but I can make it… lighter” she said, opening the book. Damon walked towards her. “What do آپ mean, lighter?” he asked suspicious. Bonnie browsed through the pages. “I can amplify your areas. So far آپ couldn’t go anywhere without me. I can change that, I can let آپ go wherever آپ want within this town” “Works for me, for now” Damon said. “And آپ can talk to whoever آپ want, even Elena. I won’t mind-torture you” Bonnie کہا breathless. “Well, you’re so thoughtful” Damon شدہ تبصرہ sarcastic. “How about Elena? Do آپ have to die for that, too?” “No, with Elena it’s complicated. There’s no reverse spell, she has to snap out of it on her own terms” Bonnie explained. “I can help her with that” Damon mumbled. “I got it. I need to hold your hands for this” she کہا carefully while she looked at Damon. Damon gave her his hands and looked away. This would all be soon over.
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So since I really have no clue what Zodiac sign Damon یا Elena is. I will put characteristics about Each sign and then maybe we can see which Describes Each personality best. I love horoscopes and think that they are fun.

Aquarius: January 20 - February 18

Aquarius Strength
- Witty
- Clever
- Humanitarian
- Inventive
- Original

Aquarius Weakness
- Stubborn
- Unemotional
- Sarcastic
- Rebellious
- Aloof

Aquarius and Temperament:
Aquarius tend to be rebels just for the sake of having their own way. Their stubbornness sometimes causes their failure, they will continue...
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"This دکھائیں is always going to be about Stefan and Elena. It has to be. They're soulmates."
Kevin Williamson

"No!" I wanted to yell after I'd read this confounding little statement over once, and then twice to make sure my eyes weren't playing tricks on me. "No, no, NO!!" Why was Kevin Williamson doing this? It was like he was hinting that no matter what happened, Stefan and Elena would always be together because...well, there WAS no 'because,' that was just the way things were. They were the number one couple on the show, 'soulmates', together forever. I was crushed. Then I wondered: why are...
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ارے everyone...

This entry is something I have been working on for a long, long, looong time now, and it consists of my thoughts about Damon and Elena from the Vampire Diaries both in the کتابیں and in the show. I hope آپ enjoy reading my thoughts even though it's very long. And some mild book spoilers are included.

Under the cut.

When I was spending my summer holidays anno 2009 in Buffalo, NY, USA, I was thrilled to hear about a new Vampire TV show. And what made me even مزید excited was the fact that the دکھائیں will be based on books, called ”The Vampire Diaries”. I have never heard of this...
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