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201.    Demi Lovato: Two Pieces
202.    Demi Lovato: Nightingale
203.    Demi Lovato: Never Been Hurt
204.    OneRepublic: Say All I Need
205.    OneRepublic: Come Home
206.    Snow Patrol: Chasing Cars
207.    Snow Patrol: Set آگ کے, آگ to the Third Bar
208.    Troye Sivan: Wild
209.    Troye Sivan: Bite
210.    Birdy ft Rhodes: Let It All Go
211.    Hilary Duff: My Kind
212.    Charlie Puth: One Call Away
213.    Charlie Puth ft Meghan Trainor: Marvin Gaye
214.    Charlie Puth: Dangerously
215.    Charlie Puth: Some Type of Love
216.    Charlie Puth ft Shy Carter: As آپ Are
217.    Charlie Puth: Left Right Left
218.    Charlie Puth: Then There’s You
219.    Alan Walker: Faded (restrung)
220.    Of Monsters and Men: King and Lionheart
221.    Of Monsters and Men: Silhouettes
222.    Plumb: Beautiful
223.    Plumb: I Want آپ Here
224.    Plumb: Say Your Name
225.    Plumb: Don’t Deserve You
226.    Tom Mcrae: The Girl Who Falls Downstairs
227.    Tom Mcrae: My Vampire Downstairs
228.    The Fray: Heartbeat
229.    The Fray: The Wind
230.    The Fray: Munich
231.    The Fray: Rainy Zurich
232.    Lea Michele: Burn With You
233.    Lea Michele: Thousand Needles
234.    Lea Michele: Cue the Rain
235.    Lea Michele: Empty Handed
236.    Lea Michele: If آپ Say So
237.    The Script: For the First Time
238.    The Script: Dead Man Walking
239.    Taylor Swift: Fearless
240.    Taylor Swift: Love Story
241.    Taylor Swift: آپ Belong With Me
242.    Taylor Swift: The Way I Loved You
243.    Taylor Swift: Red
244.    Taylor Swift: Treacherous
245.    Taylor Swift: I Almost Do
246.    Taylor Swift: Stay Stay Stay
247.    Taylor Swift: Holy Ground
248.    Taylor Swift: Begin Again
249.    Taylor Swift: Sparks Fly
250.    Taylor Swift: Enchanted
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