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Here we go...
*spoiler alert*

Naegi: Hi, I am Makoto Naegi. Formerly a student of Hope's Peak High School.

Hinata: Hello there, my underclassmen. Nice to meet ya again.

Naegi: I am glad too *smiles*

Shuichi: I am Shuichi Saihara.

Hinata: But I thought I was supposed to meet Kaede Akamatsu.

Shuichi: Actually, she is kae-dead now... I am sorry *sniff sniff* 😔

Naegi: And here I thought the protagonists couldn't be killed یا wouldn't murder any of their comrades!

Shuichi: She was framed as a murderer سے طرف کی the mastermind.

Hinata: The heck?! I thought no one could be worse than Junko.

Naegi: سے طرف کی the...
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((Note, this is off DR2 knowledge only, if I get further into it and find an editation to my analysis, then I will mention it and if it is significant enough, I might rewrite this. Also this was originally گیا کیا پوسٹ on my personal club but felt like sharing this here. Im shocked there havent been any مضامین on this club yet.))

Hey! I felt like doing this to gather my thoughts about Nagito a lot better. Personally, I feel I am better at fitting into his shoes and predicting and seeing what and how he would think / react to a situation than I am actually analyzing یا figuring out his character...
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