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SAM MERMAID Chapter 1: Flash Back
Young Danny: Mom I'm going in the water.
Maddie: No Danny, آپ only will go with us.
Young Danny: Please Mom ,please. (puppy dog eyes)
Maddie: OK but don't go far in deep water.(worriedly)
Young Danny: Thanks Mom.(with that he jump in the sea)

Young Danny: Come on Tuck. (Invite Tucker in the water)
Tucker: No, If Sharkh...
Danny: Every thing will be alright Tuck and there's no Sharkh آپ see it?
Tucker: Yes Dude, but we are only 6 سال old, if we sink in it?
Danny: Nothing would happened, don't be scare, come on.
Tucker: OK. (then they both start playing with water)
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this i somewhat found funny XD but at da same time found it hot! lol
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