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David Archuleta didn't win the 'American Idol' crown seven years ago.

He lost سے طرف کی 12 million ووٹ to David Cook. But آپ won't hear the 24-year-old Utah native crying over تقسیم, الگ کریں votes.

"I've always wanted to tell my شائقین who were voting for me and I survived every elimination each week when I was on the دکھائیں and I lead the پرستار voting up until the finale. And when I got robbed of the 'Idol' title, but I was so close to winning, and I'm okay with that but I didn't mind."

That includes his 2008 self-titled debut album, which flopped, followed سے طرف کی his 2009 holiday album, "Christmas From The Heart",...
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posted by vonna8
i forgot that boys name but i'm just glad آپ won amariaca sings and do آپ knoww what hob nockers are i do not no what it means but i no it is aleagel becuse carly swisperd it n your ear an then sam کہا and alegel and i seen آپ at the کنسرٹ but آپ did not see me
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 David Archuleta; Crush
David Archuleta; Crush
I hung up
The phone last night
Something happened
For the first time
Deep inside
It was a rush
What a rush
Cause the possibility
That آپ would ever
Feel the same way
About me
It's just too much
Just too much
Why do I keep running
From the truth
All I ever think
About is you
You got me hypnotized
So mesmerized
And I just got to kno

Do آپ ever think
When your all alone
All that we can be
Where this can go
Am I crazy
Or falling in love
Is it really
Just another crush
Do آپ catch a breath
When I look at you
Are آپ holding back
Like the way I do
But I know this crush
Ain't goin' away

Has it ever cross
Your mind
When were hangin'...
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I find it interesting there has been a sight on
how to beat David Archuleta. Now he is featured
on AOL because Mrs. Judd has decided YEARS after
the fact to bring out her objections regarding
David's father. His family has obviously been
a good family. This kid is sweet, wholesome, pure
and EXTREMELY TALENTED. Lets concentrate on his
talent and ability to be a good role model. I am
even مزید determined to do my job in voting for
this amazing young gentleman so talented I am beside myself. Thank آپ David and your family
for sharing your talents with the world. It is
clear, others are grasping at straws as David is
has been the best AI talent EVER. Go David, we
love you. Fan's آپ must vote!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by archfan1
I personally LOVE David Archuleta! And I know deep down in my دل he is the rightfull winner of american Idol (I hope آپ are reading this David A.). One night my mom and I were watching American Idol and my mom saw David's last name(archuleta) when she started having a hissy fit! It was hilarious! I had no idea why. When I asked her she کہا "In Spanish chuleta means PORKCHOP!" (I forgot to tell my family is hispanic) She says that if he lived in a Spanish-speaking country he would be made fun of so much! And then I told her David A. was hispanic. LOL I have an inside joke with my mom now! I <333 PORKCHOP!

- my mom almost cooked porkchops for the finale but she کہا "That would be too many chuletas in one night!" LOL my whole family loves آپ david!
posted by iheartmusic
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