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”THE GREEN HORNET” (2011) Review

My memories of the costumed hero, the Green Hornet, are pretty sketchy. I can only recall actor وین Williams portraying the character in the short-lived ویژن ٹیلی series from the mid-1960s, with future martial arts icon, Bruce Lee, portraying his manservant and partner-in-crime fighting, Kato. But if I must be honest, I never saw any of the episodes from the series. My memories of Williams and Lee as the Green ہارنیٹ, برنی and Kato were limited to their guest appearances on the ABC series, ”BATMAN”.

When I had first heard about plans to release a movie about...
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@DC -Batman: The Animated Series has brought some of our پسندیدہ villains to the screen so we’ve rounded up the most iconic ones.
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@DC -From DC and Loma Vista Recordings comes Dark Nights: Death Metal; based on the best-selling comic series سے طرف کی Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo. Original Score سے طرف کی Tyler Bates.
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andy biersack as batman
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This is my فہرست featuring my 20 hottest DC males in my opinion(as a girl) .

20.Black Adam




16.Captain Marvel



13.Arthur Joseph Curry

12.Green Lantern Kyle Rayner


10.Beast Boy

9.Kid Flash


7.Green Lantern Hal Jordan


5.Green Arrow

4.Roy Harper

3.Richard Grayson


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