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posted by spyrofansxc
after آپ get in to the room that آپ need to destory this 5 nods and آپ need to make this vent rowtate.
First if the vent gos to the right go that way
سیکنڈ the nodes that آپ need to put they where their blue not red یا green
third go to the vent were آپ came in and there will be this this thing that makes the vent اقدام to the right press it
forth after the vent moves to the right go in it and on the other sider their will be your prize followed سے طرف کی some othe stuff
i there is any thing آپ need to ask I'll post a video to help آپ out
posted by USGGabe45
Today I was thinking about possible new guns and necromorphs. I thought of one gun called the G-gun. This gun can pretty much twist and crush anything آپ shoot but needs to be recharged with power nodes. The reason I chose this was because this gun is too powerful and would need a way to where آپ don't just go and kill everything. That would make the game too easy!

A possible necromorph that i thought of was the clutcher. This necromorph has two long whiplike arms it uses to reach out and crush you. The lower half of it is missing and travel around using its intestints like a squid to crawl. It also has the classic blades on it's back but mainly uses those to hang down from ceilings.
posted by WolfCryer
Infinite Nodes, Semi Conductors and Cash

In Chapter 15, the final room contains a bench/store and save point. Backtrack down the corridor. There is a room that آپ must open with a Power Node, it contains 2 Power Nodes, a Ruby Semiconductor and some random items. Collect them and return to the save point. Save your game and reload it. Return to the locked Node room again and the items will have returned! آپ can repeat this process indefinitely.

آپ can also do this at the Node-locked rooms in Chapter 6 and Chapter 7.