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My bands single Obliteration which is inspired and about the first Dead Space game (Which we love!!!). Named after the chapter in the first game. :)
posted by NitrogenDioxide
In the violent, gory and interesting game of Dead Space the "necromorphs" are a parasitic alien infection close to the flood in halo. On The USG Kellion Isaac Clarke, Kendra and Zach Hammond go on a engineering mission to repair the derelict mining vessel USG Ishimura. The biggest planet کریکر in her class. The captain Benjamin Matthias brought aboard an evil so intense that all it takes is one of them to take over a whole planet. The Marker, unitologists belive it is involved in the convergence plan, and the scientists believe it is of alien origin. Isaac Clarke volunteers to go because his girlfried Nicole Brennon is the lead captain of the medical division and wishes to see her again. Instead he finds her, but she dies. The "necromorphs" kill everything and anything indiscriminately and will stop at nothing to kill Isaac and his team.