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 "Dear Dumb Diary" is based on New York Times bestselling مصنف Jim Benton's novels.
"Dear Dumb Diary" is based on New York Times bestselling author Jim Benton's novels.
Zucker Productions and Walden Media in association with The Gotham Group are in the pre-production phase on a new made-for-television musical comedy movie called "Dear Dumb Diary" for The Hallmark Channel. The telefilm is based on the hugely مقبول series of children's کتابیں of the same name سے طرف کی Jim Benton. Casting directors in Los Angeles and New York are conducting a talent تلاش for the movie's lead role of Jamie Kelly, an 11 سال old girl. Auditions are also taking place for several other boys and girls between 10-12 years old, as well as adults to play parents, middle school assistant...
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