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naruto shippuden
Later Yuki dreamt from a woman.


Yuki:Huh?Whos there?*turns around to look for the voice*

???:I am your mother,Yuki. Someone killed our Clan,the Blacc-Clan!!!

Yuki:Who did that to you?

Tears were running over Yukis face.

Yuki's Mother:Don't cry, my lovely Yuki. آپ would find out your true identity!!!

Then the dream ended.

Yuki:Dei!!!I dreamt something!!!

Deidara:*rub his eyes*What is it?

Then Yuki told Deidara what she dreamt.

Yuki:We should find out which Abilities she meant!

Deidara:Yeah you're right!

To be continued...
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Deidara’s obsession for his art is perhaps his most notable personality trait. He seems to view each and every bomb he creates as a piece of art and a significant accomplishment in its own right. He left his ہوم village of Iwagakure, because they disapproved of the techniques he developed. He hated Itachi for defeating his art, and even developed C4 clay and trained his left eye to counter genjutsu for the purpose of defeating Itachi someday. Deidara even once exclaimed to Sasuke in their fight that Sasuke had no respect for his art and that it made Deidara want to kill him. He even seems...
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