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posted by MisFit2001
I wake up the اگلے morning and go

Diggy-* walks behind me* look Yannia im sorry for hitting u *tries to hug and kiss me*

Me-graps a knife* nigga if u lie a damn hand on my ill stad yo ass
Diggy-graps the knife* کتیا, کتيا u most be crazy
Me-graps a glass cup and plant and throw it at him* nigga im crazy im the one who got kissed and then u gonna fuckin hit کتیا, کتيا I should have called me daddys hit man on yo پچھواڑے, گدا

Diggy-look baby (gco)
Me-don't baby me کتیا, کتيا one دن im leaving yo پچھواڑے, گدا for Prince
Diggy-* gets real mad and slap me* look u wouldn't have none of this with out me
Me-bitch I don't need...
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