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*cuing annoyed Charlie Brown scream*

I have been so frickin' busy this time of سال and I put off practically everything I should be doing. But I still have 4 مضامین to go counting this one.

In کہا article, this one will be my پسندیدہ Disney Princess movie and why it's there.

Now for the record; I want to say none of these are my پسندیدہ Disney movie, but a few of these are سب, سب سے اوپر 10. I'm going over پسندیدہ Disney PRINCESS movie. I myself prefer the underrated Disney movies, but that's just me.

Moving on...

Favorite Disney Princess Movie

These are my opinions, I'm also doing this مضمون solo, please tolerate and respect them as I do yours.

10. Sleeping Beauty

Are آپ all surprised Pocahontas isn't 10, yeah, me too.

But I rewatched Pocahontas recently among Nostalgia Critic's Disneycember commentaries, and it's still the same as I remember; bland, kinda boring, and I still want it to hurry up and end.

However, I also rewatched Sleeping Beauty. یا I should say Sleeping Beauty droned on in the background as I got distracted on the computer سے طرف کی something cooler.

Sleeping Beauty is just a filler movie. Yes, the artwork is breathtaking, اندازی حرکت isn't that bad, and the climax w/ the dragon is FRICKIN AWESOME...

...but those are about the only things people like یا remember about Sleeping Beauty.

The movie itself doesn't even focus on Sleeping Beuaty herself. آپ get مزید scenes of the 4 fairies and the two kings and drunk jester guy. I remember not being interested in Sleeping Beauty either. I would always fast foward her part to get to the fairies. So that's kind of a bad thing when a little girl who's supposed to like the princesses wants to fast foward all the parts with the princess to get to the fairies. And the music- though it's from a legitimate ballet- is boring at times. Only when things get exciting (which is rare in the movie) does the موسیقی get exciting.

I feel it lacks story and main character development. Even the villain didn't really have a good enough reason for being "The Mistress of All Evil"- but I'll save that for another article. I also heard somewhere that someone on the Disney staff کہا it had the look of the film but lacked the Disney warmth. Though I'm unsure what the Disney warmth is, I agree. All the movie was was beautiful backgrounds with a frickin awesome dragon scene that was too short for me.

Oh and whenever I babysit 4 سال old Annie and 2 سال old Kenzie and I ask what movie do they wanna watch, they have never once کہا Sleeping Beauty. I've seen it clearly on their shelf and I've suggested it, but they say no. So a 4 سال old and 2 سال old Disney princess loving girls don't want to watch Sleeping Beauty? Huh, sounds like me when I was their age and even a little older. Sleeping Beauty just misses the mark and I feel could be so much better.

9. Pocahontas

I کہا it's still bland, boring, and I want it to end faster and it's at number one. Why? Well unlike Sleeping Beauty, this clearly has story. It obviously focuses on it's titular heroine and I give it serious credit for that. The موسیقی isn't bad either considering it's 8 time Oscar winner Alan Menken and Wicked creator Stephen Schwartz.

So why don't I like this movie? Honest truth is I wish it was مزید true to it's history. When we started to learn about Pocahontas in elementary school I was so excited because I felt 'Hey I saw the movie I know all about her'. Then we learned the truth, then we watched the movie after. I honestly felt cheated and betrayed. I like knowing things and being right and here it was nothing about the Disney version was right. Granted it's Disney and it had to be kid-friendly, but still; couldn't they stay true to history while keeping it family friendly?

Another slight issue is the animals. While I like them the most, they don't talk. It's a Disney movie where we're used to the animals talking and in a movie where it's a good idea that they should talk considering trees do and maybe Native Americans who live off the land can understand the animals, the animals don't talk. To me, it seemed appropriate that they should talk here, I wanted them to talk in this movie, but they didn't. This is a slight issue because in the end, I still think the animals are cool.

I don't really think I really liked Pocahontas, but I know I tolerated مزید than Sleeping Beauty.

8. Mulan

If I've کہا it once I کہا it a thousand times, I haven't seen this movie the whole way through and I don't have a way for me to do it without watching it in different parts on YouTube یا a decent quality on other sites.

But from what I remember, it was kinda funny. I liked that Mulan was never a real princess and that she kicked some پچھواڑے, گدا (pardon my french). I loved the army buddies too especially when they dressed in drag.

But honestly, I can only recall bits and pieces from the movie but I don't remember where in the movie it occured all the time. I know the drag part was near the end, but I can't recall where other pieces were.

I'm sure it'd be higher if I saw it مزید than once, but I don't really have anything bad to say about it so that's kinda good.

7. Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs

Forever branded with the subtitled the one that started it all. Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful it did but there are reasons why this is low for me.


I'll admit it; I'm 19 years old and I'm scared of this movie. A Tale of Terror wasn't as scary compared to the original Snow White.

Maybe I was a little too dramatic. It doesn't scare me as bad as it did when I was little, but it still freaks the crap out of me. Back when I first saw it, the scene where the huntsman was approaching her with the چھری and the forest terrified me. Nowadays, not so much. The forest is kinda cool, and the huntsman's eyes during that scene only a tad bit. I remember I was also scared of when the dwarfs first came to their cottage and my distracted little mind forgot Snow White was there and when they thought there was a monster there, so did I. Then I remembered Snow White and I freaked when they were gonna kill her. I was like 'NO! NO! DON'T KILL SNOW WHITE!' Ah to be young again.

But what's scared me about this movie then, and still does to this دن is the witch. I think I can classify this as a phobia. I CANNOT LOOK AT HER! This started when I was four; first it was her voice, then I put the looks with the voice. But my Gramma کہا it was always her costume that terrified me. I always wanted to watch this to try and conquer my fear (and because I love the dwarfs), but it never worked. I can listen to her now, but still can't look

And please don't torment me w/ pics of her like my so called دوستوں used to do I am legitmiately scared of her.

Aside from being scared, this movie's heroine isn't much of a heroine, the prince was never in there, the موسیقی and songs were annoying, and all I liked was the story and the dwarfs.

See, it's not only low because of my fear.

6. Tangled

This is mostly due to the fact that I didn't see it until fall this سال and no matter where I went everybody spoiled this movie. I did thoroughly enjoy it, but it was too spoiled for me.

Another couple of reasons is behind the scenes stuff. This movie was originally called Rapunzel and she was going to be voiced سے طرف کی one of my پسندیدہ singer/actresses Kristin Chenoweth. I knew it was gonna be all computer done, which I preferred 2D, but I کہا eh, I still wanna see it. Then they changed the title. Not only did they change the title, the marketing technique was designed mostly for boys to get interested in the movie.

All in all, I still liked the movie, Mandy Moore was a good replacement, but it was too spoiled for me. Yeah, occasionally I like to spoil things for other people, but not an entire movie! And I'll admit, when I watch a movie on TV somewhere in the middle I look up spoilers to see how it ends; but only during the middle!

A part of me also wishes Tangled was 2D hand drawn animation.

5. Princess & the Frog

A return to 2D اندازی حرکت and the classic fairy tale. Hallelujah!

I love the story, I really do. I love the characters, they're awesome. I love a couple of songs...notice I کہا a couple, I would've loved مزید if Alan Menken did the موسیقی instead of Randy Newman.

I guess this is 5th because I saw this when I was 17. سے طرف کی then I was مزید grown up then I was when I watched the other DP فلمیں pre 2009. Maybe it's also because this is a مزید modern spin on it and isn't a time of true magic, but مزید voodoo junk.

I also liked that Disney broke ground and created an African-American princess. I just wish she wasn't so serious and eased up a bit on work. Still, I like her, and I like the movie.

4. Little Mermaid

Fun fact; I used to be terrified at the scene when Urusla turned Ariel human. I guess the lady villains frighten me مزید than the bad guys. Evil girl power, yeah!

I know I say some pretty negative things about Ariel, but I still like her. But if we're being honest, she wasn't what I liked about the movie so much. I'm not sure how else to word that, but there were things in the movie I preferred to her.

Namely Sebastian. Sebastian makes this movie for me. I love his character, I love his songs, I love that unlike Ariel his character acutally changes. Growing up, I loved Sebastian, and I still do. And he also made the TV series work for me too. Bonus; like Ariel, Sebastian's never had a different voice actor. And Samuel E. Wright didn't just do one Disney thing no, no, no. He released solo records as Sebastian in the 90's and he starred as Mufasa in the original Broadway production of Lion King.

I love the موسیقی in this movie, I love how they took a مزید family appropriate approach to the original fairy tale (trust me on this the original fairy tale is dark and depressing). The villain was cool, the sidekicks were epic, the prince was okay, and Ariel had a lot of cool moments too.

3. Cinderella

This was one of the first ones I've seen without being terrified of!

I love everything about Cinderella. The heroine, the story, all the other characters, and the different variations other cultures created of the story.

Now for the anylisis of the Disney version. The heroine- check. The story- check. The other characters- uh...sure.

I love the mice, they helped keep interest in the movie. The stepmother, she was a good villain and she didn't need magic. The fairy godmother, I wish they expanded her role a little. Lucifer, a better villain than the stepsisters at times. The stepsisters, okay. I loved the commrodery between the King and the Duke, I even like the Duke.

It's the prince I have issues with.

I heard the story first before the movie. Like Cinderella, the prince was a big part of the story. In the movie, what good was this guy? He's a major reason why this movie isn't in the سب, سب سے اوپر 2 spots.

And yeah, I feel like the movie was filler at times with the mice, so that's another reason. But it's still a classic and I still love this one.

2. Aladdin

I felt this one was mostly for boys seeing as though جیسمین, یاسمین wasn't really a central character.

But it didn't matter to me because I still loved this movie. I loved the adventure, the romance, the characters, and the voice acting was great too. Bonus, the TV series was pretty awesome too.

Why is this number two? I guess it's another character focus issue. As much as I love this movie (like me it's 19 years old) I loved the princesses. I wish they would've shown مزید of her. I think آپ got some مزید development of her in the TV series and she didn't even appear in some episodes.

Still, I love Aladdin, I love that it wasn't just for girls, I love the TV series, and I love that this one was funny and still could be emotional.

Did I mention that this is also a product of 1992? Because it is...like me!

1. Beauty & the Beast

I watch this movie once a ماہ because I love it.

Granted there are some serious issues with plotholes, but I don't care.

The characters, the story, the artwork, the music, it all just takes me away.

Much like Cinderella, the villain doesn't rely on magic and I like that. I like that a lot of things in this movie is realistic.

In addition to Cinderella, I feel I can relate myself to Belle. We're brunettes, we love wearing blue, we like to read, we want مزید in our lives, we'll do anything to protect our loved ones even if it's not the best thing to do, we honor promises, and we feel like outsiders in our soceity. Besides Belle, I love the side characters, especially Lumiere.

What else do I like? The romance. We don't know how long it takes them to fall in love, but it isn't love at first sight and it takes a while. The transformation scene is near perfection, and even though it uses recycled اندازی حرکت from Sleeping Beauty, I love how it uses the recycled animation.

I really don't have anything bad to say about this movie (without going into details about plotholes) and I don't think anyone else does either. It's a tale as old as time and this movie can stand the test of time and people will still love it.

Bonus; this was the first Disney movie to have a pop song at the end sung سے طرف کی Celine Dion & Peabo Bryson, both of whom I like to listen to.

Well, that's my list. These are my opinions, thank آپ for respecting them.

Here are some pics of movie posters. I tried to get original ones یا video covers. And for the record, the Snow White one is up there because that اندازی حرکت is different than the movie animation. Please enjoy
 Is it me, یا is Phillip kinda stalking her?
Is it me, or is Phillip kinda stalking her?
 Good job Disney at making this version مزید true than the so called "American legend coming to life"
Good job Disney at making this version more true than the so called "American legend coming to life"
 Nothing bad to say about this poster due to the fact that she's holding a sword
Nothing bad to say about this poster due to the fact that she's holding a sword
 It was weird to find a poster w/ all the characters on them. Wait, weren't the Queen and the witch one character though?
It was weird to find a poster w/ all the characters on them. Wait, weren't the Queen and the witch one character though?
 So her hair is a weapon? No wonder girls get all freaked out when something happens to their hair.
So her hair is a weapon? No wonder girls get all freaked out when something happens to their hair.
 What ماہ is Holiday in? And why are the rednecks on this poster when they barely had a part?
What month is Holiday in? And why are the rednecks on this poster when they barely had a part?
 I know this seems naughty (and overused) but I can't be the only one who sees that shape in bronze on the castle.
I know this seems naughty (and overused) but I can't be the only one who sees that shape in bronze on the castle.
 The movie's called 'Cinderella' so could آپ actually دکھائیں her face poster?
The movie's called 'Cinderella' so could you actually show her face poster?
 Jafar's angry 'cause this movie was # 2
Jafar's angry 'cause this movie was # 2
 I used the video cover for this tale as old as time because ویڈیوز are as old as time itself.
I used the video cover for this tale as old as time because videos are as old as time itself.
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 Team Moana?
Team Moana?
Hi guys, since I have seen both films, what I'm going to write are famous فلمیں on how are they connected to each other and how they inspire millions of people today! In terms of story-line and songs.


When I first watch this movie on the big screen with my younger brother, I initially thought that Elsa would be like Darth Vader and the film will be copycat of the سٹار, ستارہ Wars movie. But, I guess not! The film itself actually promotes forgiveness and sisterhood on which British actress Lily James mentioned the latter in one of her interviews shortly after the release of Cinderella.
The songs...
continue reading...
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