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posted by sweetie-94
As promised here's my prettiest DP Lists, well let's get started

11. Mulan

She has some pretty shots, but مجموعی طور پر I find her very plain looking. Her eyes are just black and doesn't have details like the other princess' eyes has, her lips looks weird whenever she smiles, but looks good whenever she's sad like in this picture, her smile is nice, but looks a little weird because of her lips, her hair is good sometimes, but other times it looks strange. Her faceshape is good, but would look better without the features that it has. Her figure is decent looking, it's thin, but not anorexic looking

Hair: #8
Sometimes pretty, but مجموعی طور پر nothing special compared to the 7 above
Eyes: #11
They're just black and I don't like the shape either
Lips: #11
They have that really weird shape, but they look good when Mulan is sad
Smile: #10
Looks weird because of her weird looking lips
Figure: #8
Looks good, but I prefer the 7 above more
Favorite feature: Her hair
I used to have her figure as my پسندیدہ feature, but now her hair has been growing on me, it's not thin and not thick, it's a perfect thickness
Favorite hairstyle: Long and loose
This style is so beautiful, so simple and yet so beautiful

10. Jasmine

I don't get why so many people finds her beautiful, I think she's quite plain looking though in a pretty way. Her hair is way too thick for my taste, her eyes are too big and the color of them is too dark for my taste, her figure is just awful, sure, she has curves, but she has a very unrealistic waist
Hair: #11
Way too thick and weird for my taste
Eyes: #8
They're too big and the color is too dark for my taste
Lips: #6
Out of all the DP;s جیسمین, یاسمین has the best warmcolored lips and they have the best warm color too, but I tend to prefer coldcolored lips more
Smile: #5
Very flirty and pretty smile, but looks less pretty when جیسمین, یاسمین looks like an alien and I prefer the 4 above more
Figure: #11
I love her curves, but I can't get over how tiny her waist is, it looks way too anorexic and unrealistic to me
Favorite feature: Her smile
It matches prefectly with her personality, flirty and sexy just like جیسمین, یاسمین is
Favorite hairstyle: Loose
It may be bushy looking, but that's the only hairstyle of hers that I wish I could touch and play with

9. Rapunzel

She's very cute, but that's it. Her eyes have a lovely color, but they're the size of tennisballs, her smile is cute, but she has those weird teeth that makes the smile a bit weird looking sometimes, her lips have a nice color, but they're too small since her eyes are enormous, if the eyes where smaller and the lips a little bigger they would balance out each other perfectly, her figure isn't anorexic looking, but it's also quite underdeveloped and also she مجموعی طور پر looks like a 10 سال old when she's supposed to be 17 going on 18 years old

Hair: #4
Very lovely colors (since her hair changes color in the end of the movie), lovely hairstyles and I have nothing against the long blonde hair یا the brown short hair, I just prefer my سب, سب سے اوپر 3 more
Eyes: #9
Finally a green eyed princess, but the eyes takes up half of the face and are the size of tennisballs
Lips: #10
The color is pretty and I do think the lips are a good size, but they should've been a little bit bigger on Rapunzel since she has huge eyes, but no, they made the lips very small
Smile: #9
Very cute, but looks weird sometimes because of her weird teeth
Figure: #9
Her figure is quite realistic looking, but for a 17 going on 18 سال old the figure looks too underdeveloped
Favorite feature: Her hair
This is without a doubt her best feature
Favorite hairstyle: Braided
I really love how it's styled and the flowers are a great add to the lovely hairstyle

8. Merida

I actually think she's pretty, her hair is very messy looking, but the color is nice, her eyes have a lovely color and an okay size, her lips are quite good and her smile is pretty. I just think the 7 above are even prettier

Hair: #10
Nice color, but it's very messy looking though I think her curls are very pretty
Eyes: #6
Finally a princess without enormous sized eyes and the color of these is just lovely, I just prefer my سب, سب سے اوپر 5 more
Lips: #8
Pretty, but I prefer the 7 above more
Smile: #7
Cute and lovely smile, but I prefer the 6 above more
Figure: #7
Nice, but I prefer the 6 above more
Favorite feature: Her eyes
Beautiful color, good size, مجموعی طور پر beautiful eyes
Favorite hairstyle: Wet and loose
I know this one only appeared for a few seconds, but I love this hairstyle because her hair doesn't look messy like it normally does

7. Ariel

She's actually very pretty, I used to think she was just cute, but now I think she's very pretty, her hair is too thick for my taste and I don't like the color, her eyes have a lovely color, but they're a little too big, her lips have a lovely coralred color, but the shape is a little weird

Hair: #9
Her hair is stunning underwater, but other than that her hair is not that amazing
Eyes: #7
Lovely color, but they're too big for my taste
Lips: #3
Beautiful coralred color, but the shape is a little weird
Smile: #3
Very cute, but I prefer the 2 above more
Figure: #10
Not as anorexic looking as Jasmine's, but the waist is still too unrealistic looking
Favorite feature: Her smile
Very cute and it matches with her personality
Favorite hairstyle: Loose
I love this hairstyle, especially when she's underwater, the way it moves in the water is just amazing

6. Aurora

Se used to be in my سب, سب سے اوپر 3 prettiest princesses, but soon I realised that she's not that beautiful, I still think she's beautiful though.

Hair: #3
I don't like the color, but I love the style of the hair
Eyes: #4
I really love the color, the shape bugs me though
Lips: #4
Very pretty color, but I prefer the 3 above more
Smile: #8
Looks the prettiest from profile, from the front the smile can sometimes look creepy
Figure: #1
Her waist may be thin, but it's definitely not anorexic looking and she has nice curves
Favorite feature: Her figure
Her figure looks like a thinner version of my figure and she has pretty curves
Favorite hairstyle: With tiara
Because it makes her look royal and I prefer her tiara over her black headband

5. Pocahontas

After rewatching her movie and looking at some screenshots of her I decided that she's actually beautiful, her hair is much prettier in motion than in still clips, her lips are quite pretty though they look like a مچھلی mouth, her smile feels forced and her eyes are too small and the color is just too dark for my taste

Hair: #7
Very pretty in motion, in still clips it doesn't impress me that much and I think the hair is a little too thin for my taste
Eyes: #10
Too small and the color is too dark for my taste
Lips: #9
They're pretty, but they look like a مچھلی mouth
Smile: #11
Sometimes pretty, but feels forced most of the time
Figure: #2
Very athletic and realistic looking, but my number 1 is just better
Favorite feature: Her figure
It's very athletic and looks realistic
Favorite hairstyle: Braided
Very simple, but very beautiful braid

4. Tiana

She's very beautiful, her hair may not have been seen loose, but I love how realistic the hair looks, her eyes have a lovely color, but they're too big for my taste, her lips are full and lovely and her smile is warm and pretty

Hair: #6
Despite it never being seen loose I love her hair, I think it would look very pretty loose, but I prefer the 5 above more
Eyes: #5
Lovely color, but the eyes are too big for my taste
Lips: #7
Lovely, but I prefer the 6 above more
Smile: #6
Very warm and pretty, but my سب, سب سے اوپر 5 have prettier smiles
Figure: #5
A nice hourglass figure, but I prefer the 4 above
Favorite feature: Her eyes
They have such a beautiful honeycolored shade
Favorite hairstyle: Low ponytail
It's the closest to loose hair that we get to see, anyway I think this ponytail looks lovely on Tiana

3. Belle

She's very beautiful, I love everything about her, but she's inconsistenly drawn throughout the whole first movie so I can't place her any higher and I just find the 2 above prettier

Hair: #2
Very beautiful, I love the color, the styles, the length and well everything, but I love my number 1 more
Eyes: #3
Beautiful hazelcolored eyes, but I love the 2 above more
Lips: #2
Very beautiful bubblegumpink shade, but I love my number 1 more
Smile: #2
Very warm and pretty, but I love my number 1 more
Figure: #4
I love how she doesn't look so thin, another nice figure, I just prefer the 3 above more
Favorite feature: Her lips
Even though the اندازی حرکت is inconsistent I think her lips doesn't change that much throughout the movie, not at least in comparsion to her other features
Favorite hairstyle: Loose
Love the way it blows in the wind and the simplicity of the style

2. Cinderella

First of all it's very hard to find a picture from the movie where she looks ugly. I love pretty much everything about her apperance even though I don't like her hair when it's in that bun

Hair: #5
Whenever it's not in that bun I love her hair, it looks very soft and while there isn't a lot of movement in the hair I forgive it for being made in a time when they didn't knew how to draw realistic moving hair
Eyes: #2
The color is beautiful, the shape is perfect and they're a perfect size, but I prefer my number 1 more
Lips: #5
I don't like the color that much of the lips, it's an مالٹا, نارنگی color I think, I prefer the franchise color which is pink, but I love the shape of them, I just prefer the 4 above
Smile: #3
Very beautiful and realistic smile, but I prefer the 2 above more
Figure: #3
It looks very realistic, but I prefer the 2 above more
Favorite feature: Her eyes
They have such a beautiful blue shade and the shape and size are perfect
Favorite hairstyle: With hair bandana
There's something with this hairstyle that I love, maybe it is because I oftenly recognize her because of this hairstyle, but also because it looks beautiful on her

1. Snow White

She's very beautiful, not only is she number 1 on my prettiest DP list, she's also my number 1 most beautiful animated heroine. I love everything on her

Hair: #1
I really love short hair and this hairstyle suits her perfectly
Eyes: #1
I really love the milkchocolatebrown shade, it's the most beautiful eyecolor imo. The size of the eyes is perfect and the shape of the eyes is prefect
Lips: #1
I really love red lips especially these, I love the shape of these and the color is just beautiful
Smile: #1
So cute, beautiful and realistic
Figure: #6
I love the fact that she isn't thin at all, but her figure is very flat and underdeveloped though not as underdeveloped as Rapunzel's
Favorite feature: Her smile
Very sweet smile that always makes me happy when I feel down
Favorite hairstyle: With red bow
It matches with her red lips and sticks out a little bit مزید than the blue bow

I don't know why I can't لوڈ اپ Merida's picture, it's not the first time it happens
Wish they could give Aurora مزید speaking lines! For odd reasons, this scene bears a striking resemblance to Snow White!
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posted by dimitri_
As usual, I have a hard time making lists so don't pay too much attention to the rankings and just read what I have to say.

12. Brave
If you've known me over a سال ago, you'd know that I'm not much of a Pixar fan. Yes, I know I'm an awful person for discriminating between اندازی حرکت studios and this is Pixar we're talking about. So yeah, I'm guessing this is why I can't get into Brave no matter how hard I try, considering it's also one, if not, my least پسندیدہ Pixar movie.

11. The Princess and the Frog
I've had issues with Tiana in the past because of her inconsistent morals that gets shoved...
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