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Now that we know who Fanpop's پسندیدہ Disney Princesses are at the moment, let's get into the movies, and Fanpop user's مجموعی طور پر opinion on them.

12. Cinderella: 269 Points.
A classic, and usually considered the most iconic Disney Princess Movie. Well, it sure didn't do too well in this countdown, and a lot of the users placed it in their bottom three, یا even last. Most people tend to find it boring, dull, not entertaining, uninteresting, didn't like it in general, یا just placed it last because they loved the others more. The, "old-fashioned ness" of the movie doesn't help things for users really, and charms from the movie were not found یا appreciated سے طرف کی many. However, it is not completely hated, many people gave it a high placement, (though nobody ranked it as their first) but in this case, the bad seems to have outweighed the good.

The Placements:

Top 5 Placements.

Avatar_tla_fan: 2.
Quishy11: 2.
PrueFever: 2.
AaronHayley4ever: 5.
Shiluoih: 5.
Lanalamprouge: 5.

Middle 3 Placements.

Fiina: 6.
CRaZy_rawR: 6.
8804: 7.
Aang_Lite: 7.
Magnolainmay: 7.
Audreyfreak: 7.
Fangirl4lifeXD: 7.
Zeppie: 7.
Truth76: 8.
Maria7Potter: 8.

Bottom 4 Placements.

90sfan95: 9.
Raipunzel: 9.
ApplesauceDoctr: 10.
BraBrief: 10.
_CatWoman_: 10.
Sweetie-94: 10.
Digoenes: 10.
Donhaepocorelsa: 10.
Elsa98: 10.
Mergirl13: 10.
Misscindyspice: 10.
Princesslullaby: 11.
Siren-Lamia: 11.
Leftthetrain: 11.
Diazdiaz95: 12.
Vipgalkhan: 12.
Sk8er__grl: 12.
Sweetie-94: 12.
Fangirl4lifeXD: 12.

"A very sweet classical fairytale. It's not a masterpiece, but I really enjoy watching it. I love the اندازی حرکت and the songs. Cinderella (the princess not the movie) is simply wonderful, my personal پسندیدہ DP and the main reason why I love that movie so much. The sidekicks can be very boring imo, but I'm willing to focus on the positive things. Lady Tremaine is awesome, very badass without using any type of magic. What I especially love from this movie is its ending, one of the best I know in a Disney movie, just because it feels...so right. I just can't help but feel SO happy when I see Cinderella finally getting her happy ending and the life she dreams in the palace with her prince (I sort of like Prince Charming سے طرف کی the way)."

As much as I respect this movie for saving the company and pushing Walt Disney to follow the steps of Cinderella herself and, "Keep working for his dream." Cinderella just isn't a movie I really enjoy. It has a few magical moments like the dress being transformed, and Cinderella is an amazing main character, but the whole movie is basically just filler of mice getting chased سے طرف کی cats and poor Cinderella being abused. It hurts to watch. I respect the film and I love a lot of characters, but the movie doesn't have a
cohesive plot and it's just all around boring.

11. Brave: 258 Points.

This movie has never been a fan-favorite on this site. It is hated on, for ripping off other movies, not having good characters یا humor, having a poor protagonist, and making her too modern of a character. Like with Cinderella though, this movie did get love from some users, receiving some high placements, and even placements as number one. This movie also received a lot of low placements, however.

Top 5 Placements.

Magnolainmay: 1.
Truth76: 1.
Misscindyspice: 1.
CRaZy_rawR: 3.
_CatWoman_: 3.
Avatar_tla_fan: 4.
8804: 4.
Elsa98: 4.
ApplesauceDoctr: 5.

Middle 3 Placements.

Vipgalkhan: 6.
Digoenes: 6.
Princesslullaby: 7.
Mergirl13: 7.
Aang_Lite: 8.
Siren-Lamia: 8.
Shiluoih: 8.
PrueFever: 9.

Bottom 4 Placements.

Lanalamprouge: 9.
Leftthetrain: 9.
Quishy11: 9.
Audreyfreak: 9.
Diazdiaz95: 11.
AaronHayley4ever: 11.
Sk8er__grl: 11.
Raipunzel: 11.
Donhaepocorelsa: 11.
Zeppie: 12.
Fiina: 12.
BraBrief: 12.
Maria7Potter: 12.
90sfan95: 12.

"I love this movie. The score and soundtrack are wonderful, the اندازی حرکت is fantastic, the characters are good, the plot line holds up, (though not the most original) and I love the Mother-Daughter relationship within the movie. This is one of my پسندیدہ Disney Princess Movies, (and Disney فلمیں in general) for all of these reasons. I think it is a wonderful movie. <3"

"I'm kind of obsessed with this movie because it could have been great. The trailers had us expecting a dark, adventurous fairy tale--a first for Pixar--the result was a muddled, mediocre film that had the promise of a bigger, better movie. The only great thing about is the fact that it is centered on a mother-daughter conflict, one in which the characters are presented as people instead of the mother being evil and the daughter innocent. Both Merida and Elinor make mistakes that they both regret and work to amend. There need to be مزید فلمیں like this so that little girls can see that their end goal in life isn't romance.

The problems with the film though are plentiful: it has a great premise but it either doesn't develop its themes thoroughly یا it rushes through them. آپ can tell that there were two directors at work on this (before Brenda Chapman was booted from the project), as the tones and themes of the film tend to clash. The two directors' visions for the film are also evident. First we have the stereotypical Scottish lords who are about as threatening as an irate, yappy dog, (Mark Andrews)and then we have the drama of a mother-daughter relationship almost be torn apart (Chapman). It would be مزید cohesive if the lords were played seriously instead of comically, because I don't believe for a منٹ that any actual war will break out. Just look how quickly it took them to accept Merida's idea of letting the children choose their own path, all it took was one speech and suddenly they're all on board. There was one scene when Merida mocks the notion that the clans will go to war if she doesn't marry the suitors and this would have been a great way for the film to دکھائیں her lack of understanding the politics of maintaining a kingdom IF they had delivered on the promise of the clans going to war. The most we get is a fight in a قلعہ that is on par with frat-house hijinks.
Another thing I wished they elaborated is the tradition vs modern ideals theme. In the beginning it seems that Elinor represents traditional ideals with her insistence on arranged marriage and Merida represents modern ideals since she wants her freedom. HOWEVER, in the end we learn that Fergus brought the clans together to fight foreign intruders and in return, they crowned him king, making Merida and the suitors the first generation of royalty to go through this arranged marriage. This raises a lot of questions. How did the clans get along before Fergus rallied them together? Elinor mentions that she was betrothed to Fergus, well what clan did she come from? Was this before یا after he became king? Why would they think marrying their kids off was a good idea if they never raised their kids with this notion? Why is it tradition for the princess to select the challenge for her hand if this is the first generation they're doing the arranged marriage thing? These are جوابغیر سوالات that throw a wrench in the "tradition vs modern ideals" that the earlier part of the movie suggested.

Earlier I کہا that the mother-daughter relationship is the strongest thing in the movie. Well, the set up is strong but the resolution is weak. All we get is a fishing scene and a chase from Mor'Du and that is it. How exactly are they have supped to have bonded. I can see how Merida learned her lesson since Elinor can potentially remain an animal forever like Mor'Du (who is less of a character and مزید like a big red sign saying, "this is what will happen if آپ don't learn the moral of the story!") and her kingdom is in shambles. But how does Elinor change her mind? How does she see her daughter's side of the story? I think a lot of it is pacing issues. The first 2/3 of the movie just fly by, then it slows down in the middle, and it finally rushes to the end. If it were مزید evened out then we would have some proper character development.

I have مزید to say, especially concerning the witch, the poor humor, and the over stereotypes and sexism at play but I will end on just one مزید point. I expected the film to have a lot مزید Celtic mythology influences since the whole production team went to Scotland, learned the culture and folklore and essentially recreated Scotland in the film. But the most we get are wisps, stone circles, Celtic music, and Scottish stereotypes. That was disappointing because Celtic mythology is full of strong women and it would have been nice if Brave was actually brave and explored that folklore.

So those are my thoughts, I think it would have been a better movie if they had the film center around Merida trying to establish a kingdom with her parents (like the backstory of the movie) instead of what we currently have. It's not a bad film, just a disappointing one."

10. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: 249 Points.

It wasn't too much of a surprise to see this movie in the bottom three, it doesn't get that much love, usually. A lot of people can find it outdated, boring, and dislike the characters, particularity The Prince, and sometimes Snow White, but not as often. Despite getting a lot of low placements, this movie still managed to get some high placements, as well as a few placements for first.

Top 5 Placements.

Avatar_tla_fan: 1.
Sweetie-94: 1.
Audreyfreak: 1.
90sfan95: 2.
Donhaepocorelsa: 4.
PrueFever: 4.
Raipunzel: 5.

Middle 3 Placements.

Leftthetrain: 6.
Princesslullaby: 6.
Sk8er__grl: 6.
BraBrief: 6.
_CatWoman_: 7.
Diazdiaz95: 7.
Lanalamprouge: 7.
AaronHaley4ever: 8.
CRaZy_rawR: 8.
Vipgalkhan: 8.
Fangirl4lifeXD: 8.

Bottom 4 Placements.

Maria7Potter: 9.
Mergirl13: 9.
Truth76: 9.
Digoenes: 9.
Shiluoih: 9.
ApplesauceDoctr: 9.
Magnolainmay: 10.
8804: 10.
Quishy11: 10.
Zeppie: 11.
Fiina: 11.
Elsa98: 12.
Aang_Lite: 12.
Misscindyspice: 12.
Siren-Lamia: 12.

"My پسندیدہ <3 it's a masterpiece. It was ahead of its time in terms of art. Iconic characters, pretty animation, charming music, a great heroine, funny side characters. It really doesn't get the appreciation it deserves. even if people found it boring, they ought to at least appreciate the hard work that went into it." ~Audreyfreak.

"Everyone always complains about Frozen being overly modern, saying that it will be dated in only a few years. That is exactly how I feel about Snow White.

It was certainly a product of its time. Everything in the movie reeks of the 30s, and while some find it charming, I think it's rather dull and unrelatable. The movie drags. It feels like a series of shorts, which doesn't work for me. The humor also doesn't hold up well in modern times, what with Dopey looking and acting like a man with Down Syndrome. In today's society, we generally acknowledge that it isn't fair to use the mentally disabled as comic relief. On سب, سب سے اوپر of all of that, we're stuck with a bland protagonist who has a grating voice, a vague prince, lackluster music, and an unrefined plot.

While I do appreciate the work that went into it, as well as the movie being a springboard for the rest of Disney's movies, I can't bring myself to like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs."

9. Pocahontas: 234 Points.

It looks like Pocahontas didn't do too well either. Not exactly the biggest surprise out there, the movie is often hated on for being historically inaccurate, and some people find it boring یا uninteresting in general. Despite that, this movie managed to pick up a nice amount of people placing it in the سب, سب سے اوپر 5.

Top 5 Placements.

Maria7Potter: 1.
90sfan95: 1.
CRaZy_rawR: 2.
Vipgalkhan: 4.
Avatar_tla_fan: 5.
8804: 5.
Aang_Lite: 5.
Donhaepocorelsa: 5.
Mergirl13: 5.
Sk8er__grl: 5.

Middle 3 Placements.

PrueFever: 6.
FangirlifeXD: 6.
Truth76: 6.
Audreyfreak: 6.
Fiina: 7.
Shiluoih: 7.
Princesslullaby: 8.
Leftthetrain: 8.
Zeppie: 8.
Raipunzel: 8.

Bottom 4 Placements.

Sweetie-94: 9.
Magnolainmay: 9.
Misscindyspice: 9.
Elsa98: 9.
Siren-Lamia: 10.
AaronHaley4ever: 10.
Diazdiaz95: 10.
BraBrief: 11.
_CatWoman_: 12.
ApplesauceDoctr: 12.
Digoenes: 12.
Lanalamprouge: 12.

"I love love loveeeee this movie! I'm not even going to get on the subject of historical accuracy, because does it matter? It is a Disney movie, not the History channel! (Not that the history channel is all that accurate either tho lol) the ending, is one of the best, even though it isn't completely happy. I love every single character, which is saying a lot coming from me. The اندازی حرکت and colors are breathtaking and don't even get me started on the soundtrack!"

No negative comments.

8. Frozen: 228 Points.

Right around the middle, is where the newest of the فلمیں stands. Frozen is, (for most) a love یا hate movie, a high یا low placement movie, and it shows in the results of this countdown. The results did have some middle placements, but in general, the opinions are pretty تقسیم, الگ کریں between the سب, سب سے اوپر 5 and the Bottom 4.
There were مزید سب, سب سے اوپر placements than bottom, but the bottom placements still made an impact, putting it around the middle of the countdown.

Top 5 Placements.

Elsa98: 1.
Leftthetrain: 1.
Fangirl4lifeXD: 1.
Donhaepocorelsa: 2.
Raipunzel: 2.
ApplesauceDoctr: 2.
Diazdiaz95: 3.
Sweetie-94: 3.
90sfan95: 3.
Siren-Lamia: 3.
AaronHayley4ever: 3.
Princesslullaby: 5.
Vipgalkhan: 5.

Middle 3 Placements.

Avatar_tla_fan: 6.
Misscindyspice: 6.
Sk8er__grl: 7.
Quishy11: 8.
Fiina: 8.

Bottom 4 Placements.

BraBrief: 9.
Aang_Lite: 9.
Zeppie: 10.
CRaZy_rawR: 10.
Shiluoih: 10.
Lanalamprouge: 10.
Magnolainmay: 11.
PrueFever: 11.
Maria7Potter: 11.
Frozen: 11.
_CatWoman_: 11.
8804: 12.
Audreyfreak: 12.
Truth76: 12.
Mergirl13: 12.

"I like the movie, though I wouldn't say it's one of the greatest Disney فلمیں یا even one of the greatest Disney Princess movies. I love the soundtrack, I love the characters, I really only have a problem with the plot. The rest, I like."

"I'm STILL disappointed سے طرف کی how this film went from being a faithful, hand-drawn adaptation an "The Snow Queen" to an "in name only" computer-animated adaptation called Frozen. In fact, this film is basically Tangled set in a vaguely Scandinavian country instead of a vaguely Germanic country. No creativity, no originality, just the money-making formula based on what's مقبول right now.

This film had a chance to be beautiful and profound, but instead just rehashed the standard Disney Princess and Tangled formula. In fact, it just takes what the masses loved best about Tangled - the quirky, sheltered, bubbly princess; the cynical, sardonic, jaded, wordly guy; the horse/reindeer with a dog's personality; the island city-kingdom; the wacky slap-stick roadtrip plot; the awkward modern talk and casual song lyrics; the one-word gender-neutral title; and the CGI اندازی حرکت - just amplified it سے طرف کی 1000x, then re-titled it Frozen.

I think "The Snow Queen" is a very beautiful, unique, heart-felt story about how love melts a frozen heart, and how we shouldn't get so caught up with logic and reason that we forget love and kindness, یا freeze our hearts to avoid feeling the sorrows of life to such an extent that we miss out on the joys of life too. I love how the story celebrates platonic love, bravery in face of the elements, etc. Frozen is just the standard, over-used, tried and true formula we've all seen a million times, and in fact just saw three years ago.

P.S. Oh, and I think the songs are mediocre."

7. The Princess and the Frog: 224 Points.

The Princess and the Frog, it gets attention, but sometimes not that much, it came in the middle of this countdown, here, so it shows that it gets a decent amount of attention. Unlike Frozen, this movie is تقسیم, الگ کریں into the three main groups, instead of the results just focusing on two of the three groups. The results tuned out pretty balanced, with some top, middle and bottom places.

Top 5 Placements.

ApplesauceDoctr: 1.
Leftthetrain: 2.
Misscindyspice: 2.
Donhaepocorelsa: 3.
Shiluoih: 3.
AaronHayley4ever: 4.
CRaZy_rawR: 4.
Sk8er__grl: 4.
Audreyfreak: 5.
Magnolainmay: 5.
Truth76: 5.
Sweetie-94: 5.
Fangirl4lifeXD: 5.

Middle 3 Placements.

Mergirl13: 6.
Lanalamprouge: 6.
_CatWoman_: 6.
Digoenes: 7.
90sfan95: 7.
PrueFever: 7.
Elsa98: 8.
Diazdiaz95: 8.
BraBrief: 8.

Bottom 4 Placements.

Zeppie: 9.
Siren-Lamia: 9.
Fiina: 10.
Aang_Lite: 10.
Avatar_tla_fan: 10.
Raipunzel: 10.
Maria7Potter: 10.
8804: 11.
Vipgalkhan: 11.
Quishy11: 12.
Princesslullaby: 12.

"I know that I'm supposed to sympathize with Tiana, because she is the main character of TPATF. But she is very one-dimensional. The screenwriters have only developed the fact that Tiana works hard---- but the rest of her character simply isn't up to par. Outside of working hard, Tiana is a depressed, angry, and کڑوا, تلخ person disguised as "sassy." When she does not get her way....she makes nasty تبصرے to the people who attempt to help her ( especially کرن, رے and Naveen). Tiana ( in her workaholic way) tells Naveen that he has achieved nothing in his life--- so Naveen, in order to impress Tiana, has to learn to mince. Naveen comes and saves Tiana from the trappers, while Tiana leaves him in the dust as she gets away. ( Hey, even Ariel dropped her bag of who-knows-what to go diving after فلاؤنڈر, موآ to save him from the shark!! Tiana doesn't lend a hand at all). Naveen had the decency to help her, but she doesn't even return the favor!! Additionally, Tiana does not respect کرن, رے for his dream of being with Evangeline, snubbing him سے طرف کی saying. "it's only a star." How does Tiana expect other people to respect her dreams and hopes if she dishes out such nastiness? I know I was supposed to admire Tiana's assertiveness, that "only hard work can accomplish your dreams"--- but basically watching the movie became an exercise in seeing Tiana screw everyone around her while she carries on with a tantrum. Not attaining her life goals made Tiana a believable character for some--- but it made her a really depressing person to watch, in my view. The movie wants آپ to identify with Tiana's stick-to-it-ness, but also paints a portrait of a desperate and insecure character who lashes out when she encounters failure. I did not believe for one منٹ that Tiana "fell for/ actually loved" Naveen for who Naveen was. After the credits rolled, I ended up liking all the side characters and the villain مزید than I liked Tiana. So I left the plush Tiana doll that I saw recently in the thrift store on the shelf. I did not buy her. Though some people think being "sassy" is cool, I find that it is another modern term synonymous for "mean." Perhaps, the slight bossy quality was cute in Snow White, but it was tempered there, سے طرف کی Snow White's genuine politeness towards others ( even an old Hag). What I saw in TPATF was that Tiana is not a polite person, and she is only out to serve her own interests. Hence, my dislike of her."

"I love this movie. While the writing does has plenty of flaws, and the fact that there are many plot holes and logical inconsistencies irk me, it's مجموعی طور پر an enjoyable movie. It's often criticized for its contradictory message but I found the messages of TPatF very easy to understand, and I interpreted the مجموعی طور پر message as the movie being simply about living a balanced life. I absolutely loved that Tiana and Naveen didn't end up spending their happily ever after in a palace, and that they stayed in New Orleans instead. It was refreshing to watch, and I found almost all of the characters in this movie to be well-developed, relatable, realistically flawed characters. I felt that I was watching a movie about people, not caricatures. Of course, I am probably biased, as throughout my childhood I'd been eagerly awaiting a Disney movie like The Princess and the Frog- one that teaches all of my personal values of hard work, love and relationships and living life to the fullest, and not to mention the constant questioning of how wishing upon a سٹار, ستارہ could fulfil your dreams without ruling out the possibility."

6. Sleeping Beauty: 221 Points.

Possibly a surprise for some, maybe not for others. Sleeping Beauty tends to be a lot مزید loved than the Disney Princess from that movie. A lot of people usually like Prince Philip, Maleficent, and the Three Fairies, making up for the hate that Aurora tends to get. This one came right, directly in the middle. It got a lot of high placements overall, though nobody کہا it was their پسندیدہ Disney Princess Movie. Similar to The Princess and the Frog, the results are pretty spread out between the three categorized, and the opinions seemed very mixed overall.

Top 5 Placements.

_CatWoman_: 2.
Sweetie-94: 2.
Avatar_tla_fan: 3.
Quishy11: 3.
Raipunzel: 3.
Audreyfreak: 3.
Truth76: 3.
BraBrief: 3.
Aang_Lite: 4.
Lanalamprouge: 4.
Misscindyspice: 5.
Digoenes: 5.
Zeppie: 5.

Middle 3 Placements.

90sfan95: 6.
ApplesauceDoctr: 6.
Siren-Lamia: 6.
Maria7Potter: 7.
Magnolainmay: 8.
Mergirl13: 8.
PrueFever: 8.
Sk8er__grl: 8.

Bottom 4 Placements.

CRaZy_rawR: 9.
Donhaepocorelsa: 9.
Fiina: 9.
8804: 9.
Princesslullaby: 9.
Diazdiaz95: 9.
Vipgalkhan: 10.
Leftthetrain: 10.
Fangirl4lifeXD: 10.
Elsa98: 11.
Shiluoih: 11.
AaronHayley4ever: 12.

"I freaking adore the elegant stylistic choices that went into this movie and this is what i think of first when i think Disney princess! Everyone is just oozing with grace and the اندازی حرکت feels like I really am watching a fairy tale unfold in my eyes. everyone has lovely voices that make me just happy from hearing them. The songs are great, the اندازی حرکت is great and honestly there is not much bad i can say about it. I think its a masterpiece that entrances me from beginning to end!"

No negative comments.

5. The Little Mermaid: 204 Points.

Like with Sleeping Beauty, this movie is certainly مزید loved than the Disney Princess from it. Ariel is one of Fanpop's least پسندیدہ Disney Princesses currently, but that has not stopped (most) people from liking her movie. A lot of people tend to love the plot of the movie, and how it seems to have few plot holes compared to other Disney Princess Movies. This movie received a lot of high placements, a few in the middle, and a decent amount at the bottom.

Top 5 Placements.

Quishy11: 1.
Princesslullaby: 1.
PrueFever: 1.
Audreyfreak: 2.
8804: 2.
AaronHayley4ever: 2.
BraBrief: 2.
Mergirl13: 2.
Zeppie: 3.
Fiina: 3.
Siren-Lamia: 4.
Raipunzel: 4.
Maria7Potter: 4.
Digoenes: 4.
Elsa98: 5.

Middle 3 Placements.

Sweetie-94: 6.
Shiluoih: 6.
Diazdiaz95: 6.
ApplesauceDoctr: 7.
Truth76: 7.
Misscindyspice: 7.

Bottom 4 Placements.

Vipgalkhan: 9.
Avatar_tla_fan: 9.
Sk8er__grl: 10.
Aang_Lite: 11.
Fangirl4lifeXD: 11.
CRaZy_rawR: 11.
Lanalamprouge: 11.
90sfan95: 11.
Leftthetrain: 12.
Donhaepocorelsa: 12.
Magnolainmay: 12.

This تبصرہ right here is both positive and negative, so I'll count it for both.

"I love everything about The Little Mermaid BUT the little mermaid, which drives me crazy. I think the animation, aesthetics, music, lyrics, soundtrack, characters, and side plots are PHENOMENAL! Every song has me singing and dancing all day, the اندازی حرکت is mesmerizing (the characters really look like they're moving underwater!), the colors pop, the de . My problem is that in the filmmakers' quest to make a strong, proactive, uninhibited role model who goes after their dreams, the filmmakers forgot to add compassion and consideration for others. (And common sense.)

To me, The Little Mermaid is about that selfish, inconsiderate, irresponsible, boy-crazy flake who constantly constantly lets people down, only told from her point of view. If the movie was about any other character (Triton, Sebastian, Flounder, یا any of her sisters), Ariel's behavior wouldn't seem cute since she consistently blows people off, lets them down, and leaves them to clean up her messes without a nod of thanks. However, since Ariel is the character we follow, we are supposed to not only sympathize with her (which is fine), but completely excuse, rationalize, and even praise her behavior (which is not fine).

We're supposed to think that she's entitled to do whatever she wants whenever she wants it, get what she wants when she wants it, shouldn't have to take anyone else's happiness یا well-being into consideration as she does whatever she feels like whenever she feels like, and anyone who DOESN'T just give her what she wants یا let her do what she wants is Oh So Mean and Not Understanding. Yet, hypocritically, we are supposed to think that those same characters are obligated to care about Ariel and help Ariel get what she wants, even though she consistently doesn't help یا think about them.

Can آپ see where I'm torn with this? On the one hand, I love everything about the movie: visuals (animation, aesthetics, colors, etc), موسیقی (lyrics, instrumental, soundtrack), voice acting (singing, speaking, etc), side characters (Ariel's friends, the human characters, etc), pacing, iconic scenes ("Part of Your World" Reprise, Ariel's first breath of air as a human, the scene where Ariel both loses and gets her voice back), side plots (yes, even those)... But the main story catering to the whims of an inconsiderate brat really cuts into my enjoy-ability."

4. Beauty and the Beast: 195 Points.

A movie praised سے طرف کی critics, and acclaimed as one of the best films, (If not the best film) ever made. Fanpop users seemed to have liked it as well, though not as much as the critics have, not placing it in the سب, سب سے اوپر 3. Opinions were mostly favored in the سب, سب سے اوپر 5, and the Middle 3 and Bottom 4 have around the same ووٹ if آپ combine them.

Top 5 Placements.

Lanalamprouge: 1.
Mergirl13: 1.
BraBrief: 1.
_CatWoman_: 1.
AaronHayley4ever: 1.
Digoenes: 1.
Maria7Potter: 2.
Princesslullaby: 2.
Aang_Lite: 2.
Elsa98: 3.
Quishy11: 4.
Fiina: 4.
Magnolainmay: 4.
Diazdiaz95: 5.
90sfan95: 5.
PrueFever: 5.

Middle 3 Placements.

Zeppie: 6.
Leftthetrain: 7.
Siren-Lamia: 7.
Raipunzel: 7.
Vipgalkhan: 7.
Donhaepocoelsa: 7.
Sweetie-94: 8.
8804: 8.
Audreyfreak: 8.

Bottom 4 Placements.

Sk8er__grl: 9.
Fangirl4lifeXD: 9.
Truth76: 10.
Avatar_tla_fan: 11.
Misscindyspice: 11.
ApplesauceDoctr: 11.
Shiluoih: 12.
CRaZy_rawR: 12.

"One of the most amazing فلمیں of all time. Belle trying to be herself and not let anyone change that, not even the guy who trying to marry her یا the guy who took her father away. Beast is one of the better princes, he learns that he needs to change his ways if he wants to try and earn Belle's love. He even gave up his chance to break the spell and let Belle go save her father. I've never seen better اندازی حرکت than from this movie, from the stained glass windows, to 'Human Again', to the Transformation. This is the best movie of all time."

"I strongly dislike this movie. I'm desperately trying to refrain from using the word hate, but seriously I hate BatB. Belle's personality rubs off on Beast which is such a shame. ): I liked beast before he fell in love lol. The pacing and scene changes definitely aren't my favorite. Everyone commends the animation, which I think is pretty basic with some dull-ish colors. The only character I even remotely like is the villain! I don't even like the father daughter relationship. Like Maurice is legit one of the most annoying Disney characters for me. I do somewhat like the soundtrack, but even that isn't my favorite. I'm far from the majority's opinion on this movie, but whatever."

3. Mulan: 170 Points.

So, Fanpop's پسندیدہ Disney Princess' Movie didn't win this countdown, quite shocking. But it appears as if Fanpop Users prefer the character to the movie, overall. However, this movie still gained a massive number of سب, سب سے اوپر 5 placements, with some placements in the Middle 3, and a few placements in the Bottom 4, but not that many. It seems like this movie is loved سے طرف کی most, and put in the سب, سب سے اوپر 5 سے طرف کی many, but not the upper portion of the سب, سب سے اوپر 5.

Top 5 Placements.

Diazdiaz95: 1.
Fiina: 1.
Shiluoih: 1.
8804: 1.
Digoenes: 2.
Zeppie: 2.
Fangirl4lifeXD: 2.
Sk8er__grl: 3.
Aang_Lite: 3.
Princesslullaby: 3.
Misscindyspice: 3.
Vipgalkhan: 3.
Mergirl13: 4.
Truth76: 4.
Lefthetrain: 4.
_CatWoman_: 4.
Quishy11: 5.
Siren-Lamia: 5.
CRaZy_rawR: 5.
Maria7Potter: 5.

Middle 3 Placements.

Magnolainmay: 6.
Elsa98: 6.
BraBrief: 7.
Sweetie-94: 7.
AaronHayley4ever: 7.
ApplesauceDoctr: 8.
Donhaepocorelsa: 8.
Lanalamprouge: 8.
90sfan95: 8.

Bottom 4 Placements.

PrueFever: 10.
Audreyfreak: 10.
Raipunzel: 12.
Avatar_tla_fan: 12.

"I love that movie SO MUCH. It is very balanced, it has the right amount of comedy and action but it knows when to become مزید serious and dramatic. I love all the characters, the heroine, the hero, the villain (I'm not a big پرستار of him but he's very underrated imo) and the supportive characters. The songs are enjoyable, the messages heartwarming and I never get tired of watching it over and over again."

"Sorry to all the Mulan lovers out there, but I find this movie absolutely terrible. Honestly, I really hate this movie. I dislike Mulan herself, she's a boring, uninteresting, and downright irritating character to watch. The other characters are no good, boring, generic, یا just awful in general, like Mushu, who can't take a hint when the humor goes over the boundary and just becomes annoying. The plot line doesn't interest me, the اندازی حرکت isn't that great, I think, (Though it doesn't really affect the way I see the movie.) the soundtrack isn't phenomenal, and overall, the movie is just.. Really bad, I think."

2. Tangled: 160 Points.

This movie, like Mulan, received a massive number of سب, سب سے اوپر 5 placements. This movie doesn't seem to be hated on often سے طرف کی people, a lot of people seem to enjoy it. From the characters, to the plot, to (even the songs, to some extent.) people like. Only a few people had it placed in their Middle 3, and just slightly مزید than that placed it in their Bottom 4. Overall, this movie looks to be very مقبول on the site, but one movie beat it out سے طرف کی 9 placements.

Top 5 Placements.

Aang_Lite: 1.
Sk8er__grl: 1.
CRaZy_rawR: 1.
Raipunzel: 1.
Vipgalkhan: 2.
Truth76: 2.
Elsa98: 2.
Siren-Lamia: 2.
Lanalamprouge: 2.
Magnolainmay: 2.
8804: 3.
Fangirl4lifeXD: 3.
Diazdiaz95: 4.
ApplesauceDoctr: 4.
Misscindyspice: 4.
Sweetie-94: 4.
Shiluoih: 4.
90sfan95: 4.
Zeppie: 4.
Fiina: 5.
Leftthetrain: 5.
BraBrief: 5.

Middle 3 Placements.

Maria7Potter: 6.
Donhaepocorelsa: 6.
Quishy11: 6.
Avatar_tla_fan: 7.
Digoenes: 8.

Bottom 4 Placements.

_CatWoman_: 9.
AaronHayley4ever: 9.
Princesslullaby: 10.
Audreyfreak: 11.
Mergirl13: 11.
PrueFever: 12.

"*Dies out of love for this movie*

Sorry for that. Ahem. A lot of people might say that this movie is too "modern" and "Dreamworks-esque", but I think it brings the best aspects of the classic Disney formula and treats them to a fresh کوٹ of paint. The plot is extremely cohesive, with no plot holes یا loose ends (some things are left better unsaid. It awakens imagination) and it's full of allegories (we have discussed them here once یا twice). The اندازی حرکت is CGI at its best (I want to note it would be very difficult to do this movie in traditional hand-drawn اندازی حرکت because of all that hair) and it's so detaied: I can't get over the textures!

Rapunzel is one of my پسندیدہ Disney heroines. She is one of the strongest (up there with Cinderella), because she overcomes abuse (and what's best: she actually takes initiative for it to happen!) and breaks free from Mother Gothel's brainwashing. Some people (not that much) say she's selfish, but that frustates me. She only desobeyed Gothel after she was told (well, shouted out) that she would never be let out of that tower. I think Rapunzel knew her mother was overprotective and controlling (even if she wasn't aware of the abuse she was dealing with), so she decided to take a chance, because she had to at least once experience the outside world and see the lights, since they had a connection to her (they only appeared in her birthday). Can آپ blame the poor girl for chasing her happiness? Nobody wants to stay under their parents' wings forever! Plus, she's so full of life and energy.

The other pluses are the clever lyrics, the lovely score (in particular the crescent "The Kingdom's Dance") and the other characters, which are all interesting and fleshed-out somewhat. Oh, and it's a highly quotable movie!"

"Amusing movie and at times charming, but exactly where Disney started going wrong. Full of political correctness, a little too carefully crafted, skewed messages and morals (we're supposed to see Ariel for selfishly rebelling as wrong but when Rapunzel does it just to see some lanterns it's admirable? the lying, greedy thief isn't bad since he's a hunk? Great lessons!), unoriginal characters save for the villain, a lackluster soundtrack. It reeks of Disney marketing, from Rapunzel's suspiciously Barbie-like appearance that makes for a great doll to the pastel color scheme that matches Disney merchandise boxes."

1. Aladdin: 151 Points.

Well, it looks like, instead of Tangled, Mulan, Beauty and the Beast, یا The Little Mermaid, (The other فلمیں from the سب, سب سے اوپر 5) Aladdin has won Fanpop's پسندیدہ Disney Princess Movies. Very few place it in their Bottom 4, a very large amount in the سب, سب سے اوپر 5, and a decent amount in the Middle 3. People really seem to love this movie. It's known for making a perfect blend of action, humor, and romance, with what many people consider to be great characters, and a plot line that holds up to the standards of the characters, all in one, and, that seems to be why this is Fanpop's پسندیدہ Disney Princess Movie.

Top 5 Placements.

Zeppie: 1.
Siren-Lamia: 1.
Donhaepocorelsa: 1.
Shiluoih: 1.
Vipgalkhan: 1.
Fiina: 2.
Sk8er__grl: 2.
Diazdiaz95: 2.
Magnolainmay: 3.
ApplesauceDoctr: 3.
PrueFever: 3.
Mergirl13: 3.
Lanalamprouge: 3.
Maria7Potter: 3.
Leftthetrain: 3.
Digoenes: 3.
Audreyfreak: 4.
Princesslullaby: 4.
BraBrief: 4.
Fangirl4lifeXD: 4.

Middle 3 Placements.

AaronHayley4ever: 6.
Raipunzel: 6.
8804: 6.
Aang_Lite: 6.
Quishy11: 7.
Elsa98: 7.
CRaZy_rawR: 7.
Misscindyspice: 8.
_CatWoman_: 8.
Avatar_tla_fan: 8.

Bottom 4 Placements.

90sfan95: 10.
Truth76: 11.
Sweetie-94: 11.

"This movie is okay to me. I don't think it's anything special. The humor goes over the top, and isn't that funny overall. The characters aren't that great, یا even that good, and I like the plot, but a lot of factors, like the ones I mentioned above, ruin it."

"I STRONGLY believe this movie deserved the number one placement it received. While my only problem with Aladdin is the کلچر پاپ references, if آپ over look them Aladdin has so many wonderful things that could make it an animated classic. The cast is extremely memorable with interesting personalities. Aladdin was the first Disney prince to be the lead of his film and جیسمین, یاسمین was the first princess of color. I find the soundtrack amazing! Arabian nights always gets me in the mood to watch the movie, one jump ahead is fast paced and does well introducing Aladdin, Never had a friend like me is INCREDIBLY fun, and don't even get me started on a Whole new world, one of the most magical and visually stunning DP songs we have. مجموعی طور پر I'm not a پرستار of the اندازی حرکت style, but it can have some good shots when it's not overly cartoon-ish looking. I think Aladdin is a great mix of action, comedy, romance, and has some really touching moments. I can't help but love the villains! Iago is one of the funniest Disney sidekicks I think in a DP movie (GILBERT GOTTFRIED!) And Jafar is a great mix of evil and hilarious.

Also, I know it sounds stupid, but I almost see Aladdin being number one as a tribute to Robin Williams AKA the genie. (The genie is also my پسندیدہ Disney sidekick) whenever I was down as a kid Robin Williams humor in things would make me feel so much better, especially as the Genie. R.I.P Robin Williams.<3"

So, did آپ agree with the results? یا did آپ not? ^^
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