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Cinderella's sight was blurred with tears as she watched the blood pour out of her husband's body.
"Charming!" she screamed.
He was still breathing, but she could tell that he was trying hard.
Gaston pulled the dagger back out. "I've been meaning to make an offer with آپ princesses." He snapped his fingers, and the cage began to rise over the pit of green slime.
"This pit--" he pointed at it. "...is full of poisonous chemicals. Once Le Fou drops it, Snow White and Princey here will go bye-bye." He looked up at Charming. "Well, if he makes it to the end..."
He straightened his back. "For a long time, I've been chasing Belle for her hand in marriage. But since her brain is crazy, she denied me and chose an ugly, hairy, beast!"
"He is not ugly!" Belle shouted. "At least he has better character than آپ do, Gaston!"
Gaston chuckled. "But then I thought, 'there are prettier princesses, and I could marry them all!'"
"We already have better husbands!" کہا Aurora.
Gaston crossed his arms. "So, I'll make a deal with you." His eyes scared the living daylights out of the girls. "If all of آپ become my brides, I will spare Princey and Snow here."
He looked at Cinderella. "And I'll also be certain that Princey recovers in no time!"
He walked closer to the princesses. "But if آپ reject me, Le Fou!"
The cage lowered faster to the pit and stopped just two feet above it. "Well, آپ see what I mean..."
"So! What do آپ say?"
Aurora looked at Phillip, then Charming and Snow White, then back at Gaston. "If we marry you," she whimpered. "Then آپ have to promise that none of our husbands get hurt!" She looked up. "And Snow White."
Gaston held out his hand. "Deal."
The vine holding Aurora's hand went away, and Gaston was waiting. She looked at her friends. They nodded sadly, but agreed.
She shook his hand, and Gaston laughed.
"Yes!" he roared. He pulled Aurora from the vines and danced with her. "After all this time, they're finally mine! I already have the wedding preparations done--"
"Our husbands," Mulan reminded him.
"Oh! Right. Le Fou!"
Le Fou brought the cage back to solid grown again, then began untying all the prince's ropes. Gaston opened the cage and ripped the blindfold off Snow White. "So, Snow, ready to be my wife?"
Snow White couldn't answer.
The vines died away, and Cinderella rushed to Charming. She took his blindfold off and caressed his face.
"Char? Could آپ hear me?"
His breathing was shallow, so she didn't know.
Gaston pulled Cindy away from him. "I'm your husband now!" He ordered Le Fou to take Charming away.
"What are آپ doing?" Cinderella demanded.
Gaston clicked his tongue. "Silly Cindy, everybody knows that Gaston cannot heal the almost dead."
"But آپ promised!" Pocahontas argued.
"I made a deal with AURORA and not آپ people! Her Philip will be fine, and the rest of آپ will never see your princes again."
Mulan kung-fu kicked him on the chin. "Think again!"
جیسمین, یاسمین bent over him. "A princess takes a deal very seriously!"
They crowded over him. "There's nowhere to run now, Gaston," Tiana threatened.
Gaston turned his head and right behind him was the pit of green slime. The princes quickly joined their wives and tied Gaston up with their ropes.
"It's over, Gaston," Aladdin told him.
"You will be taken to trial for attempted murder," Prince informed.
Gaston cackled. "It won't be attempted if آپ can't catch Le Fou!"
They all gasped and ran after the little elf.

Tune in to "Disney Princess: The Quest to Find the Missing Princes, Chapter Ten" to find out what happens next!
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Princess مٹر, مصری چنا will face her most suspensful adventure yet when a war erupts between the Natives and the English settlers. Will مٹر, مصری چنا be able to help Pocahontas and her true love John Smith be together یا is sass just not enough this time? In this sneak peek, here's a glimpse of اگلے week's chapter.

"Pocahontas!" yelled Pea. "Are آپ nuts? آپ can't go around making out with hot white boys! Unless there was some tongue, then it was totally worth it."
"But Pea," replied the beautiful chief's daughter. "I love John Smith! And even though Kocoum was killed, I can't help but think...
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