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 Disney Princess Coloring Pages - Princess جیسمین, یاسمین
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Source: The Walt Disney Company
Walt Disney Coloring Page of Princess جیسمین, یاسمین from "Aladdin" (1992)
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walt disney coloring pages
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princess جیسمین, یاسمین
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posted by GotheDistance
I have seen a few Disney Princess Threads talking about the heights of the Disney princesses. I am going to give my opinion based on myself and facts.

Esmeralda: She's not an official princess, but yes, she is the tallest. It has been confirmed.
Pocahontas; She's almost the height as John Smith, who was a tall man. She was always drawn with really long legs.
Elsa: She is Norwegian, the oldest, and has always just seem tall to me, even when she was younger.
Megara; Meg has the سیکنڈ tallest boyfriend, and is around his neck. I'm going to count it.


Aurora; Though they say she is the...
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posted by hatelarxene
I have a few theories about Hans. I've been having a few ideas ever since I watched Frozen back in November. I have two theories.

Theory #1
Don't hate me, but I had to bring this up once I thought about it. Seems like a lot of people think Elsa and Anna look like Rapunzel. But when آپ really give it a look, Hans looks like Rapunzel and Eugene combined. Hans has Eugene's jawline, a combination of both their noses, his chin, Eugene's forehead, Rapunzel's eyes, Eugene's eyebrow shape, Rapunzel's lip shape and rounder cheeks, Rapunzel's thick eyelashes, and Eugene's thing of having a little bit...
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posted by dclairmont
I say this مضمون made my sweetie-94 a couple of months پہلے and since these are my سب, سب سے اوپر two پسندیدہ princesses I thought it'd be a cool idea. Sweetie-94 got this idea from KataraLover who originally made an مضمون comparing Ariel and Merida. So, let's get started! :)


Aurora and Snow White aren't as similar as most people make them out to be. Personally I find Aurora مزید similar to Pocahontas and Elsa, while Snow is مزید similar to Anna. They definitely have similarities though. One being the fact that they're kind to everyone they meet, neither seem to have a rude bone in their...
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posted by misssy
10. Mulan
Mulan is pretty, but not stunning. I find her to be a little plain. I am not saying that she's ugly at all, I just think the other princesses have prettier eyes.

9. Snow White
Despite what everyone says about Snow White being ugly, she actually has very beautiful eyes. They're almost perfectly round and are a very nice shade of brown. In addition her eyelashes are ridiculously long.

8. Tiana
Tiana has big beautiful brown eyes. They compliment her skin tone so well. Her eyes are very magnetic, but there are still prettier...

7. Ariel
I know I know how is Ariel so low? Don't...
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posted by dclairmont
 Elsa as a kid, before she had to hide her powers
Elsa as a kid, before she had to hide her powers
There are going to be spoilers, of course, so I wouldn't read this if آپ haven't watched the movie yet! Anyway, I've written an مضمون like this for Aurora, Snow, and Tiana, and thought it was only right to write one for my new سیکنڈ پسندیدہ princess, Elsa. I plan on making these for all of the princesses at some point, since I do love them all, but I was just really excited to write about Elsa ASAP. So without further ado, let's get started!

Going into Frozen, I had a feeling I was going to love Elsa. She's different from anything we've ever gotten before, and gives us a fresh point of...
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