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Who really IS this enchantress on whom we speak??
 موسیقی soothes the savage beast, do آپ agree?
Music soothes the savage beast, do you agree?
Since I had done the actors for the Beast, now it's the singer from Popera genre on who will be the perfect Beast.

1) Josh Groban

I have always been a پرستار of him and after listening to his rendition of If I Can't Love Her from the musical version on Youtube. I personally felt that Josh should have been cast as the Beast!

2) Urs Buhler & Carlos Marin (Il Divo)

Just so آپ know that Carlos Marin had previously played the Beast in the Madrid production of Disney's Beauty and the Beast, and I personally felt that his voice is مزید suitable.
The سیکنڈ choice was his Swiss bandmate, Urs Buhler because he has both the looks and voice for both Prince Adam and the Beast.

3) Il Volo

The Jonas Brother version of Il Divo, they sound perfect and Prince Adam would definitely sound very operatic. Do آپ agree?

Let The World Be Done with Me!

Here are my 3 choices, do آپ agree?
 Josh Groban
Josh Groban
 Carlos Marin
Carlos Marin
 Urs Buhler
Urs Buhler
 Il Volo
Il Volo
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