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Your Group Of Girl Friends, As Told سے طرف کی Disney Princesses


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I really love these. They're all well-explained and well-thought out.

Though I have to say I disagree about Ariel's. "She’s the friend who doesn’t know how to interact with her crush and overthinks every little detail." No offense, but has this person SEEN The Little Mermaid? Ariel's claim to fame is that she DOESN'T think before she acts. She's headstrong, careless, reckless, and thoughtless. She leaps before she looks and never thinks twice about it.

If anything, I think Ariel would be the rebellious one. Or else she would be the friend that constantly ditches her gal pals to hang with her crush and doesn't come back until after she's been dumped and needs a shoulder to cry on. (Like after Eric breaks her heart by marrying Vanessa and she's crying with Sebastian and Flounder.)

Otherwise, this is pretty accurate. I like it a lot. ^^
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