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Quiz: What Did آپ Do to Exasperate a Disney Villain?

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Disney Villains are known for their sarcastic quips, evil schemes, and thirst for revenge. You don’t want to get on their bad sides, and you definitely don’t want to annoy them. (And for the record, they
guessing games.) Sometimes villains are irritated by the mere existence of a mortal enemy, but in some instances, they are provoked. Have you done something to anger one of them? Take this quiz to find out exactly what you did and how to make amends:
If I were granted three wishes, my first wish would be for
You outsmarted Ursula with the help of your animal friends!
You can’t trust a sea witch. She’ll give you legs, make off with your voice, and then try to steal your man. Fortunately, if you’re anything like Ariel, you’ll have your friends and your determination on your side. Just be careful, because Ursula won’t be happy that you’ve won this round. Now find out which character from The Little Mermaid you are.
You tried to retrieve your magic lamp from Jafar’s clutches!
Jafar is a sneaky villain, but not sneaky enough! Thanks to your street smarts and a little help from Jasmine and Abu, you’re well on your way to retrieving your magic lamp, best friend, and soulmate. Jafar may try to slither his way to the top, but we have faith in your ability to take down the vizier. Now take on the Disney Villain songs challenge.
You returned to take the kingdom back from Scar!
You faced your past and returned to the kingdom, only to face a Pride Rock ruled by cruel Scar and his sniveling hyenas. He won’t like your heroic homecoming, but you owe it to every creature in the Pride Lands to take your rightful place. Now use your bravery and knowledge to tackle this trivia quiz and guess which character from The Lion King said it.
Hades hath no fury like a local hunter scorned! Even though Gaston had the entire wedding prepared, your life together planned out, and an extremely forward proposal, you followed your heart and politely declined. After all, he wasn’t your soulmate, but there’s someone out there who is—now find out which Disney Princess would be your soulmate.
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