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 6x13 The Wedding of River Song
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the wedding of river song
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A new 13-episode series, scheduled for broadcast in 2011, was confirmed سے طرف کی executive producer Piers Wenger in the March 2010 edition of Doctor Who Magazine. Filming is to start in July 2010. Matt Smith will return as the Doctor for the entire run, and Karen Gillan will also reprise her role as Amy Pond.This will be the first time in the series’ revival that both the Doctor and his companion remain unchanged from one series to the next. مصنف Neil Gaiman has written an episode for the first half of the 2011 series, and has confirmed that his story will begin filming in August 2010.

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not the best quality but OMG the doctor and amy!! :D
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-Narrated سے طرف کی Alex Kingston
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weeping angels