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Kathy is my neighbor , a God loving 55 سال old women who has lived with Cerebral Palsy since birth. Her parents have long gone and yet she has taken care of herself with very limited income. As I got to know her I discovered her , her love for Donny and his موسیقی and what has meant to her. She told me she never danced , never had at date. Her evenings were spent listening to Donnie Osmond and filling her room with magazines with the Osmond family. She cant afford TV so when she can save extra money she buys his CDS. Her dream has always been to have a picture taken with him یا see him in concert...
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 The Most amazing man alive, Donald Clark Osmond ♥♥♥♥♥
The Most amazing man alive, Donald Clark Osmond ♥♥♥♥♥
Okay so, i'm 16 years old, but yet i'm the biggest Donny Osmond پرستار in the world!

I may have never met him and i may not have all the merchandise in the world, but thats simply because i dont have the money.

My Goodness if i had the money, i would own everything Donny in the world, i would meet him so many times that he would have to invite me to dinner, and we would become great دوستوں :).

He's been my idol since i was 4 years old. I saw him in joseph and in the first scene, when he walks through the doors, that was it, i was in LOVE.

People laugh and say "Haha, you're in love with a grandad"...
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