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In December 2014, Doutzen ended her employment to Victoria's Secret. This was confirmed سے طرف کی link link link.

According to Ed Razker, Doutzen was from her contract at request from her agency. Previously, Doutzen had recieved a major business opportunity at Europe, which would have conflicted with her VS obligations. This caused a mild controversy, as Karlie Kloss' departure from VS had been announced, but VS had neglected to mention anything about Doutzen leaving as well.

However, a ذریعہ has since told the New York Post newspaper that the pair have quit because they are being underpaid.

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Victoria's Secret model Doutzen Kroes was named the 67th ranked Sexiest Woman Alive سے طرف کی Smartasses.Net on Saturday, March 17th 2012, when Smartasses Online Magazine revealed their ever-popular “who's who” of the hottest women on the planet via Twitter. 2012 marked the seventh annual سال for Smartasses سب, سب سے اوپر 100 Sexiest Women List, which comes out every St. Patrick's Day. For Kroes, it was her first سال on the list. For مزید visit her bio page on the Smartasses Network at link