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posted by x5mp1xp1nx22x
Dear Abby,

By the time آپ read this letter, Luka should be محفوظ in America and آپ will probably be wondering why I'm not with him. Before آپ go blaming yourself let me just say, it's not you, it's me - and I know even as I write this that you're going to think that's a breakup cliché, but if آپ could just try and hold back your judgment - and your condemnation - for a minute, maybe آپ will actually be able to understand what I'm trying to say. Being here has changed me in ways I never imagined. It put everything in perspective. County, Gamma's death, you. Well, me and you. We just had...
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posted by Solsikke
Noah Wyle, who played Dr. John Carter on the series "ER," is one of the few original cast members that still makes guest appearances on the show. He received five Emmy nominations for his role, as well as three Golden Globe nominations. According to گینیز, گینز World Records, Wyle became the holder of a "Highest paid TV drama actor per episode" record during the 2003-2004 season, earning approximately $400,000 per episode.
Since leaving "ER," the Hollywood native has appeared in such فلمیں as "Donnie Darko," "White Oleander" and "Enough." Wylie has also became an advocate for people without health insurance in the United States.

Credit: i.abcnews.com