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One fine day, Lisa Cuddy and Baby Rachel were window shopping.

"Oooooo look at that سکرٹ, گھیرنا Rachel! Mummy would look amazing in that!" کہا Cuddy, pointing
at a tight black سکرٹ, گھیرنا displayed in a دکان window.
Rachel responded with some weird baby noises which seemed to be in agreement with Cuddy's observation.

Cuddy and Baby Rachel crossed the road, intending to visit the baby clothing store, when Cuddy noticed a quaint little دکان called:

Mr Finklesworth's Emporium Of Merriful Wonderment

"Intriguing... Shall we go have a look in there Rachel?"
Rachel responded with مزید agreeing gurgles.

Cuddy and Rachel...
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A short video of that sexy stripping scene in 'House's Head'. Credit too: schismuse
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sexy back
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Fanvid of Dr Cuddy in Dr house MD XD ( I do not own any of these clips, it is purely a fanvid. no copyright infringement intended)
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