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 Save your پچھواڑے, گدا goku.
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This Dragon Ball Z آرٹ پرستار contains ڈاؤن لوڈ ہونے والے, مزاحیہ کتاب, منگا, کارٹون, ہالی ووڈ, and کامک بُک.

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The story starts on Kami's lookout, where آپ see Goku and Vegeta talking.

Vegeta: Forget it Kakarot!!!!! Fusion is not happening again!!!! There is no reason for it, so why bother?

Goku: Vegeta, an enemy that we don't even know about could be on their way یا already here that is much stronger than us, so we need to get stronger سے طرف کی any means, and training while in fusion will help us.

Vegeta: It was bad enough against Buu, against that ugly freak we fought in hell, and Omega Shenron!!! There is no reason for us to fuse anymore. There is nothing یا no one on this planet who can cause us a threat....
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Chapter 9

“Blood?…Chichi! Oh no!” shouted Goku running out the door. He could not even think straight I mean he could use his transmission…but he could not just think straight right now.
“Did آپ call an emergency?!” screamed Trunks asking his mother in a shivering tone.
“Yes! Yes! Of course I did!” Vegeta came running out the building. All of sudden, they all heard a loud cry. A huge truck came raining down fast with sirens going louder than a lions roar. Doctors quickly carried chichi on a wheeling bed, carring her in the van. The وین began to run but gohan quickly jumped...
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Chapter 11
Gohan dropped himself on his knees in pain. Krillin covered his face in sadness. Chichi sat down on a chair. Gohan cupped his hands into hard, tight fists.
“This is all Trunks fault! Its all his fault!” screamed Gohan upset.
“No its not!” screamed Krillin. Gohan paused with his sobbing and stared at Krillin. “Trunks کہا that he will create the cure wenever Goku is completely evil! Now is the good time to tell him!”
“Its not true! No fare! Where did he go?!” screamed Gohan.
“I know…” chichi said. “I know where he went. Can’t آپ see the spirit knows that...
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Chapter 5
Ding dong! Ran the door گھنٹی, بیل at the Son’s house. Gohan came racing down the stairs as fast as a horse. Gohan opened the door in a flash.
“Krillin! Dad! Wow! It sure takes a loong time for both of آپ to just get a dozen of apples!” laughed Gohan, letting his father and his father’s best friend in the Son house.
“Hey! It takes time to choose the correct apples! آپ know how your dad is wenever it comes to food! He craves deeply for food!” Krillin turned his face to Goku, but Goku was suddenly gone. The same thing with ChiChi. Krillin stared at Gohan.
“What?” asked...
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ok sup every body its آپ opinion if آپ like یا do not like dragon ball z but I do its a very cool دکھائیں and new fusion's, sayians, and transformation. آپ can make a big commet یا story whos your پسندیدہ charter so when آپ go to my ہوم page be a پرستار and I will add new stuff for آپ guys to like so thanks.

I have story story's 1-9 and آپ guys could like and read and آپ could make storys and imagine if you're in it آپ could make awesome storys and on my link answer over 1-1,000,000 question.
Warning: Sexual Content
"What the hell is that?"Bulma looked at it confused.

"Blue شرٹ, قمیض and kaki's." she کہا unaffected سے طرف کی his negative reaction.

He sneered and pointed to Apia "How come she get's Saiyan armor and I get whatever آپ call this."

"Bluue- shirt." She sounded out.

"I know that it's just, it's just, oh nevermind blast it all!"

Bulma smiled "Oh but that's not even the best part I even took the honor of embroidering something on the back." She turned it around and smiled brightly.

Goku looked at it and snickered Radditz's eyes burst .

It read in big bright red letter's: Apia's Man.

"I AM...
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