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posted by Twilight-girl-x
The Hogwarts express was moving steadily through the countryside, as Hermione walked slowly past the full compartments, waving and calling Hello to دوستوں she hadn’t seen in what felt like forever, the smile on her face never faltering, Ever since she had received the letter with the red wax مہر she had been ecstatic, with the risk of Voldemort gone, Parents had been مزید willing to bring their children to kings پار, صلیب station this morning and say goodbye without having to worry about them being murdered while they slept, for this reason the magical train had added on another two carriages,...
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posted by Twilight-girl-x
Chapter 2
Both Draco and Hermione had slept soundly that night in their rooms, they had been decorated in their house colours and they were beautiful. Hermione normally wouldn’t have complained about being head girl, Her Dorm was beautiful, the Common Room was amazing but unfortunately the only bathroom they had was a shared one, down the stairs through a door coming off the Common room. So now as Hermione padded barefoot down the stairs into the Lovely and Peaceful common room she carried a towel, her school uniform and her toiletries, only wearing the shorts and Tee-Shirt she had worn in...
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posted by IAmDaydreaming
[b] READ FIRST Cedric is alive the other guy died the war is over they came to hogwarts at the age of ten instead Lucius is in Azkaban Dumbledore is alive that's bout it also I only saw the فلمیں so my info may not be correct. I'll try to make it as canon as possible سے طرف کی the fanfis i read and فلمیں i watched tell me if I'm wrong criticism is GREATLY appreciated but NOT for grammar and spelling I know those suck I'm still working it on will be with either آپ choose Harry یا Ron Ginny Blasie یا Harry Luna Ron Blasie یا Harry This IS Draco AND Hermione may bot seem like it at fist but it is....
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